Happy Easter


Happy Easter to everyone. My family is with me this weekend and it is really a blessing. When your kids grow up and are off on their own, you really do value time together. I’m reading your replies and enjoying them.



No one can mistake the beauty of the dogwood. This is a view of my house from the side and showing the dogwood that grows on the property line. It bloomed its heart out this year.


Have a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. joey says:

    Your blooming dogwoods are stunning, Anna! I’m getting anxious for mine to pop. I crawled in bed exhaused also … but a wonderful tired after a glorious day.


  2. Kathleen says:

    It’s good you could be with your family this holiday Anna. Hope it was wonderful. I’m mailing you an envelope tomorrow!!
    Oh goodie. I love seeing what everyone is getting. This garden card project is fun for me and all those getting a card. I did have a wonderful holiday and hope you did too.


  3. Meems says:

    Happy Easter to you, Anna. What a blessing to have your kids with you today. Two out of our three and their families were in town and spent the day with us… family is the most important thing and being all together is a treat.

    That dogwood is perfectly placed in front of your very pretty house! Love those blooms.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel
    OH good…you had family too and that is a blessing. I want us all to live on one big plot of land and never go a day without seeing each other. Not realistic huh? I am tired though–a good kind of tired.


  4. cindee says:

    Happy Easter to you too!!
    It was grand! We ate too much. Mexican one night and then Mexican again today. Our breath smells bad. TMI


  5. Gail and Lester Morris says:

    Anna, I can look out my kitchen window and see that gorgeous dogwood in your front yard! Hope you have had a wonderful Easter Sunday. One of our sons was home to play in the Moravian band in Salem for the Sunrise Service. It was a beautiful sunrise, and everything looked “washed” and gorgeous. Gail (the tulip Gail!)
    Hey Gail! As you could see from my driveway, I had a busy weekend with family. We are recuperating from a fun time with them. I stayed in and took a nap but Gary went over to Tanglewood and walked.

    I really did want to go by God’s Acre and the Moravian cemetery to get some photos but had no time to do so. I’m jealous that you were there yesterday and today. It was a glorious day to have a sunrise service. I know the Moravian band played well as they always do.

    I have several family members buried in the older part of the cemetary, at Bathabara, and Friedberg. Anna Maria Elizabeth Staudt married Jacob Muller( a gunsmith in Salem). I have a story about Anna’s trip to America. It’s on my sidebar under–Passed Down Recipes. They are buried at Bathabara with dozens of other aunts and cousins.

    My roots run as deep as there is history about NC. Other grandparents of that time are Valentine Leonard( founded Pilgrim Reformed Church, Philip Sauer ( current Sowers who gave the land for Becks), Johannas Krause( Crouse teamster for the Moravians and 2nd Lt. in the Militia), Andrew Volck( current Fulk was part of the original Wachovia settlement and later joined Bethabara), Barnet Long and Catherine Livengood, the Delapp line, and William Riley Bugher who started the first water treatment plant in the area. I’m pretty much related to everyone. Did you find a family line in that bunch? Also in my grandparent line are the Heinlines who did own a large amount of Bucks County Pennsylvania where all the Moravians first landed. There is so much to tell you and Lester and we’ll talk for hours.

    It touches my heart that Lester has participated in the Moravian band for 59 years as of today. I’m proud too that your sons are also involved and good that one could make it again this year. Your heart must sore when you see and hear them playing. I so fondly remember many an Easter sunrise with Nana and Uncle Bim. Gosh I miss them tremendously. I miss the Home Moravian Church too.


  6. nancybond says:

    Having the kids with you is always a blessing, Anna. My two girls are many miles away this Easter, but better traveling weather is on the way. 🙂 Your dogwoods are gorgeous.
    You love those kids to pieces and I’m sorry they weren’t home to be with you. I really enjoyed our family time together. We played scrabble, teased each other, watched a good movie, ate a lot, and then sat around and belched. It was lovely.


  7. Jared says:

    Yay! Happy Easter!
    Big hugs.


  8. linda says:

    What a blessing having the family together for Easter! Hope you’re having a wonderful day Anna!
    It was fantastic and now it’s all quiet. Everyone packed up and went home. Boo hiss. I hope you had a good day too. I love Spring!


  9. Catherine says:

    It’s beautiful! Have a great Easter with your family!
    We did and hope you did too.


  10. That dogwood is really pretty. Your photos are very sharp.
    I’m insanely jealous, you have blue sky, it’s been raining solid here for the last two days.

    Have a great Easter
    Thank you and don’t be jealous….it’s all in the camera and good lighting. I’m glad you have rain but wish for you a sunny day.


  11. Janet says:

    Absolutely lovely dogwood! Happy Easter.
    Pretty cool huh?


  12. Phillip (UK) says:

    Have a very happy Easter with your family Anna. Don’t eat too much chocolate (lol).
    I ate too much chocolate. The bunny is missing his ears. We always eat the ears first. One pound of chocolate down and a 1/2 more to go. I did share.


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