Purple or Pink


And then I noticed the purple creeping phlox that carpeted some of the landscapes. One minute it looked more purple but then would trick my eyes to think it was pink. Well I guess it was a bit of both. Compelling me to continue on my walk and see just how many pinks and purples had blossomed over the past week.


Wouldn’t you agree that when the light is right that even a broken leg could not keep you inside?


I often say that my favorite time of year is Autumn until I look through the lens of my camera on a glorious Spring day. More about the azaleas later cause right now that phlox is just so darn interesting.


Lime green and purple need a league of their own. They just compete at a different level together. This is why I garden………..


Every texture, hue, shape, and shade are on my favorite list.


Is this bark and phlox or phlox and bark?


Mail phlox 😉


This is so North Carolina that you shouldn’t even have to ask.


Believe it or not, that is a Red Bud tree. A red bud?


Don’t you love purple in the woods? I could show you more if you aren’t convinced that purple can look pink and pink can look purple. These are all photos I shot in my neighborhood yesterday. I didn’t get anything else done except sitting on my front porch. I fatigued myself pushing the swing back and forth.

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  1. Just a sea of colour

    It is very awesome.


  2. Racquel says:

    Seas of purple & pink! My favorite colors in the spring. 🙂
    Me too!


  3. joey says:

    Wow! A huge sea of phlox … gigantic photos! Happy Easter, Anna!
    I figured I’d enlarge the photos for Spring. I’ll go back to normal when I’m done posting about it. I love that sea of phlox too.


  4. Shirley Bovshow says:

    Hi Dear Anna,
    Have I been gone so long that I missed the news about your broken leg? Sorry. I hope you recover soon. The beautiful gardens that surround you would get me out of the house too! Happy Easter to you Anna!
    I don’t have a broken leg–lol–I was just using a figure of speech. I guess I need to be more careful. I am so glad it is Spring! I’ve been outside all week.


  5. Catherine says:

    I do love that phlox, it’s like a bright carpet when it’s in bloom. Your neighborhood is looking pretty. I wish I had a porch swing!!
    Just come on over and swing on mine. I’ll make tea. My neighbors did do an excellent job with their Spring bloomers. I’m proud of them.


  6. cindee says:

    I love phlox! That is some very beautiful stuff there!!! It is true how much purple can look pink and pink can look red in just the right lighting!(-: I love Spring time!!!!
    It doesn’t surprise me that you would know all about color…I agree that it can look red too. We know that it depends on what is planted around it. Right?


  7. Wanita says:

    The phlox are beautiful. Looks like you’re having a gorgeous spring!

    It’s one of our best Springs in a long time. Happy Easter to ya.


  8. Phillip says:

    I love the combination of purple and pink. I think it is my favorite color scheme. I’ve never seen phlox with such large petals. That is gorgeous.
    They are just the normal phlox but our weather this year has cooperated so nicely. Just the right amount of rain when needed. That is how come the big blooms.


  9. Janet says:

    Phlox are so pretty but for such a short period of time. I like looking at it in someone else’s garden, but don’t want to devote any space for it. Love the dogwoods and redbuds. Spring is such a pretty time of year!
    Just a few degrees difference separates my zone from yours. I can see from your blog that some of the same stuff is blooming. It is so pretty. I love those cherry trees and you do too. You can’t beat the South for Spring.


  10. Beautiful spring blooms! I am a pink/purple fanatic!

    PS –Sorry, but your pop-up Snap photos are still getting in the way of my being able to read all of your text or see the photos without a lot of moving my mouse everywhere to dodge the Snap. Those pop-ups are covering up words and popping out of photos. I know it’s a cool tech thing, but I’ve abandoned reading your blog so many times in the last month because I can’t see what you’ve written. I’m using Safari on a MacBook.
    I took your last comment about this seriously and recently paid $30 to have all wordpress ads taken off my site.I don’t advertise anything but I know that wordpress would put a few on every now and then–so I have paid them to keep ads off.

    I thought that is what you were talking about. I heard you last time and thought I had fixed the problem. I just figured you were busy and couldn’t come by. I’m so sorry for the trouble. I misunderstood what you were talking about now after doing more research. I finally did a search in the help section of wordpress to see what other pop-ups there could be besides advertising. I finally figured out you were talking about the Snap previews.

    The reason I didn’t know it was a problem—– is because my my mouse doesn’t hover over my blog. My screen is big and I leave the mouse on the scroll bar. So to see what you were talking about, I logged out and left my mouse over the blog screen. I can see now that the Snap preview would get in the way in that situation. I figured out how to disable that feature and hope this helps a great deal.

    To be honest, I have no clue how it helps or hurts view hits to have or not have print preview. It is enabled when you activate your blog and you have to go manually disable it. I don’t keep my open windows on full screen cause I toggle back and forth to other pages when viewing websites. If my mouse isn’t on the current view window, there are no pop-up print previews. Does that make sense. I’m so sorry for the aggravation. I have disabled it and hope you come back. It wasn’t something I was doing on purpose–I sure would not want anything to interfere with showing my pictures. I do thank you for being persistent and telling me again.

    My sincerest apology.


  11. Betty says:

    What about the periwinkle or blue tone creeping phlox? I tried to transplant/divide my creeping phlox last year after they bloomed and it was only 10% successful. My pink ones didn’t seem to be as hardy as the other color.
    You are the sweetest person. Thank you for being such a fan. I’m behind on answering comments and I apologize. It was a busy weekend.

    I wonder if you are talking about Vinca major or minor which is sometimes called Periwinkle. Or perhaps you are talking about Phlox subulata–like what I have pictured.

    Phlox subulata divides well by layering. Once layered, you can dig up the clump and transplant. If you try and transplant any of the phlox without a good bunch of roots–it will not live. The roots are really small so maybe some didn’t have any when you dug them up.

    Vinca major is only hard to zone 7. It can only be divided when temps are cool like Autumn or Spring. It also roots from cuttings and layering.

    And then sometimes—things just won’t root 😉 not matter what you do!


  12. Les says:

    I love creeping phlox, even before I gardened seriously I knew this plant. It is also one of the few plants that I kept from the previous owner of our house, everything else was yanked within a month.
    It is blooming when nothing else is awake yet. I’m not surprised you yanked everything out from the previous owner. Are you done 😉 ? Are we gardeners every done?


  13. Blossom says:

    I love those purple bed of flowers. Amazingly stunning. Lovely!
    somehow, I couldn’t pick this post from Blotanical. I wonder why…
    Maybe Stuart thought I’d left the planet with my absence from blotanical. I’ve not been there in about a week due to things going on around here.


  14. Phillip (UK) says:

    What a gorgeous time of year – those Phlox are something.
    And my seeds are going like crazy. I’ve got to thin them tomorrow.


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