Gail’s Tulips


I met Gail today while trespassing in her front yard. She was on her way to check the mail and here I was standing there taking some pictures. I yelled out to alert her that there was someone tip toeing through her tulips. She yelled back, ” I’ll be right there”. Now I already liked her cause she had these tulips and the cutest front porch ever. We struck up a conversation about these tulips and how the light was hitting them just right.

Then she made my heart skip a beat by sharing she is an artist. You all know there isn’t 1 degree of seperation between a flower gardener and an artist. She uses oils and recently painted these tulips. She sold the painting to a lady in New York. I had to know more and ask if we could do an interview in the near future. She promised we could. But the story doesn’t end here…………


It turns out that Gail’s husband knows my precious Nana and Uncle Bim from my stories about the Mountain House. I was thrilled. I’ll get with him later and talk his ears off. His parents were life long friends with my Nana and Uncle Bim and both have strong connections with the historic community of Old Salem, NC. I love to meet those folks who can trace their families back to the original North Carolinians.

Let’s look some more at Gail’s tulips and her very tastefully decorated front porch.





She has flowering wild cherries on the right side of the picture and look at the grass. When NC gets rain, we have the prettiest grass on the planet. 100_7096

Stay tuned as I continue to take you on a tour of the Spring bloomers in my neighborhood. The tulip above  is just a peek of more blooms to come.

I see that bad storms are arriving this afternoon. I’m glad I took all these pictures before the blooms were destroyed. We are under a tornado watch too. If my power goes out, I’ll be in the storm cellar. I hope you folks in Tennessee are safe.


Thanks Gail and I look forward to the interview and showing off your paintings. I’m so glad you are my neighbor.

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  1. Melissa says:

    The photos of Gail’s yard are so ‘painterly’, which is exactly what Gail says as she paints….( I know this as I paint with Gail). You captured them beautifully.
    She’s a pretty neat person I must say. She must have a good many friends as they are stopping by and I’m glad you did. Well I just love that phrase, ‘painterly’. I will add that to my vocab. Please introduce yourself one day. Are you a neighbor? I haven’t met many yet. I stay home and garden a lot—or trespass and take pictures of other people’s flowers–like Gail’s tulips. She does have grand tulips.


  2. cindee says:

    What a wonderful neighbor! I bet she was proud to show off her tulips too(-: Her porch looks very inviting!!!!
    I can’t wait to see her paintings. She seems like a very fun person. She’s talented like you! I will tell her to come by your blog and see all your projects.


  3. Jared says:

    Pretty photos of tulips! I love the railings on Gail’s front porch, too. Glad to hear the storms came to naught.
    She does have the prettiest porch. I’ll have to go back and update on her railing boxes. I like her bench too.

    I’m glad the storms passed quietly in our area. My prayers are with those who weren’t so fortunate.


  4. Catherine says:

    How lucky to have such an interesting neighbor. Her tulips are very pretty! Stay safe!
    I was watching radar and saw all the bad stuff go around us. It’s hard to watch all the damage in the other states though. In 1999, we had a tornado go through my town and do a lot of damage. No one will ever forget that.

    I was glad I got pictures of her tulips before the storm hit. I think I got the pic at the peak of their bloom.


  5. Penny says:

    Wind we know, tulips, sadly, we do not in Tampa. I tried some “specially formulated” for Florida. Ha!
    Hate to hear about your bad weather. I know how frightening it is having it whip through and you’re almost embarrassed to say, “Please, no loss of life, God. And, um, can you spare my garden?”
    Thank you and we made it through just fine. It rained a lot and few gust. I think the bad stuff went all around us and more south like Georgia. Tennessee sure got a big hunk of it and I feel very sorry for those folks.

    I haven’t planted bulbs at the new house. That will change in the Autumn when I get with it more. I didn’t know Florida couldn’t grow tulips. That’s one place I’ve never lived. Now if I could have a vacation home, I’d head your way.


  6. Jen says:

    Funny how we get to strike up these amazing conversations with neighbors when we have a camera in hand. We met a wonderful neighbor on a photo walk, and after talking for ages we became fast friends. Now we are starting a plant exchange.

    Stay safe during the storm. Happy Easter.

    If that’s the case, I’m carrying the camera everywhere I go. The storms came and went our way with lots of loud booms but no problems. I hope it is the same for the rest of our buds.


  7. Thank you for your help! I did place an order for the fall for the Bloomerang! hope you enjoyed my blog!
    I did enjoy your blog and I’m glad you got the Bloomerang. Awesome.


  8. Janet says:

    Hi Anna, we had a few small tornadoes when we lived in Texas and as a kid when we lived in Kansas. I was a kid at Girl Scout camp when a tornado came through, we were clueless as the troop was out hiking. All the moms were there to pick us up when we got back to camp. All our stuff was blown all over the camp.
    It is amazing how they say it sounds like a freight train, then when you hear it, IT DOES!!! Mother Nature is pretty deadly at times.
    Oppps, I missed your comment here. I got my new glasses today and now I can see. That is scary about the tornado. Even scarier that you were a kid. We had bad tornadoes when we lived in North Dakota. We’re suppose to get tons more rain tonight. This so perfect–it rains every couple of days right on schedule. Everything is super green.


  9. Cathy says:

    Very pretty tulips, hope you stay safe from that tornado.
    Thank you and I’m always wondering if that pitiful little leaning cold frame will hold. Lots of seedlings depending on my carpentry skills. Poor things.


  10. My compliments to your neighbor Gail on her excellent taste in tulips and railings. Great post! Hope the storm skips y’all.
    Gail is reading and following along hearing the goodies about her tulips. I was sitting on my front porch yesterday trying to decide which of my neighbors had the prettiest flowers blooming. I couldn’t decide so I snapped away not even minding where I was or how much trespassing was being done in the process. It turned out to be a blessing when I met Gail.


  11. Darla says:

    Beautiful and what a great neighbor!!
    Lucky, lucky me!


  12. Dave says:

    I read the name Gail and of course I thought of TN Gail and her tulips! Your Gail’s tulips look great with lots of bright fresh color.
    I just wanted to brag that I had a Gail too! I thought that lots of people might think of Gail at Clay and Limestone. That’s a good thing cause she is great.

    I hope you are safe today also. I might hope just a tiny bit more than all your plants made it through the storm. 😉


  13. Gail says:

    I like that name…it resonates so with me! It has a good sound..Gail…Anna, your neighbor Gail’s tulips are lovely! I can’t wait to know more about her and maybe see her paintings! we have had that bad weather…with hail and heavy downpours…so sorry it is heading your way! Keep safe. the other gail
    Oh what a blessing that would be if you moved here too. I kinda thought you might think it was you. I’ll come see your tulips and we can tour the back, way back, and way way back if you care to. Who doesn’t want to go to Clay and Limestone! I need to walk on that new grass and make footprints.

    I just knew you had that bad weather. Good to hear you are ok. It’s here now and making all kinds of noise. I am keeping one eye on the weather. Our oldest is on the road and I’m a bit worried about that. I’m always worried when my kiddos are anywhere but with me. They are all grown up and living elsewhere–how come that had to happen? Your son lives too far away!


  14. Gerry Sharp says:

    Your photos are wonderful. I love Gail’s tulips. I also love Gail’s art work. She is super talented. You have a green thumb and though I never have had a desire to “garden”, your blog makes me want to try. I shall visit the Briar Patch Garden Ctr. and get inspired.

    I really love your blog and am so glan Gail told me about it.

    Happy gardening !! Gerry
    I’m glad she told you too. I was so impressed that she paints. I am looking forward to seeing what she has. I hear she had a very successful art show recently and sold all her paintings!

    You don’t have to be a gardener to love gardens. It would be better if you did though ;). The Briar Patch is a happening place and fun to browse. They will be having fresh vegetables soon and please do get a piece of strawberry cake. It won’t be your last. I usually buy a whole cake from her.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  15. Phillip (UK) says:

    I so enjoyed that Anna. It was like watching a tv show. Look forward to the interviews, what obviously really nice people.
    I look forward to seeing Gail’s art and getting to know her. She didn’t have me arrested so that was good.


  16. Janet says:

    Love the change in header with the cherry blossoms. Very pretty. The tulips in your neighbor’s garden are lovely. Hope you stay safe…tornadoes are scary.
    We ran for cover one time last year and a tornado hit less than a quarter mile from where we live. It didn’t scratch our house at all but tore up a neighborhood just east of us. No one was killed but that was a miracle. We don’t have tornadoes like out West but the danger is you can’t see them coming. I lived in North Dakota for 4 years and you could see them coming from way off. Here they are on top before you know it.

    You’ve lived all over too and have you dealt with it before you moved to VA? Some of our Tennessee friends really had a rough day. I feel badly for them.


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