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Something is amiss? How could this have happened. Have  you purchased this variety?


You can’t purchase something this  unique.


The little guy above makes them for free. Isn’t that interesting? Did I just discover a new cultivar or a plain old variety reverting back to its dominate parent? The charasterics of the pink bloom cross pollinated with the larger blooming white variety. I need to get to the bottom of this and try to grow the genetically altered one. I’m not sure I could find the same bee though. I’ll get a cutting of this tomorrow and see what happens.


This is pretty common but so fantastically beautiful when it happens don’t you think?


I don’t know if it is white going pink or pink going white. Looks like white going pink. What is your opinion? The neighbor azalea below looks suspiciously guilty doesn’t it?


There are no rules when it comes to wide open spaces and bees doing what bees do. Les over at A Tidewater Gardener has written a very intersting article about the cross pollination of pear trees. Everything is getting real friendly with each other. Les points out the cons of these sorts of mishaps. Does it make a plant stronger or weaker. The answer could be either. Or….it could be harmless.

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  1. Les says:

    My time is precious at this season, and I am just now getting around to see what is on other people’s posts, and I wanted to thank you for the mention. I know some of the older azalea varieties sport or variegate, it is just what they do, and I think that is part of the charm.
    You are welcome. I am terrible about links. It’s not easy to figure it out here at wordpress as they link to everyone who has you on their blogroll on a daily basis. Drives me nuts. You did write a very good article on the cross pollination of pear trees. Very good.


  2. Stu says:

    Anna, that looks awfully much like an ‘Autumn Starlite’ Encore Azalea. That is exactly the way they behave. Mostly white blooms, with pink splotches and stripes thrown into the mix (sometimes even a solid pink bloom).
    Not saying that’s what it is, just that it looks like it 😉
    Really?, I believe you and had no clue such a variety existed. It is so pretty. I don’t have any experience with the Encores and hadn’t seen one at the nursery where I worked. I am glad to know the answer to such a mystery but sad I won’t be famous. I guess taking a cutting would bring on a huge fine. I don’t want that. Thanks for telling me.


  3. Catherine says:

    I does look pretty. I’ve had an azalea do that before, half the bush was pink the other half kind of a salmon color.
    It’s special and worth a front page feature. Some things aren’t so pretty when they go nuts like that however this isn’t the case. I just love it.


  4. I didn’t know that azaleas sported–but with lovely results!
    We both learned something. I’m glad I didn’t miss it.


  5. Janet says:

    I have seen this before, I am not sure what it is. Sure is pretty with the two different colors.
    Nature being natural 😉 and sharing a bit of love.


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