Kettle Korn Testimonials


Kettle korn kiropraktors are not to be konfused with kowopractors who adjust kow backs.

Kiropraktors make a living adjusting the jaws of kettle korn konsumers.

Have you ever eaten Kettle Korn? Some people get addicted and need therapy. I’m nuts about it. The korn is kooked in a kettle. The best batches are kooked over an open fire.

Sugar and korn are added together in a greased big old kettle. The heat melts the sugar and pops the korn. The two are blended by the athletic konstant sweat producing stir that is required to get-er-done.

After stirring like your life depends on it, the kettle is tipped of its kontent and bagged up for purchase.

Kids and kats scurry to get some. Adults have a kettle kitty fund for this habit. Walking around the fair with a king size portion kan make a grown man kry.

Kettle Korn is more nutritious than it once was. It is made with no trans-fats these days. You kan eat more.

It would not be a summer without Kettle Korn. It kost a bit more as the korn prices rise. I kan’t wait kan you?

Recently, I spoke to a few kettle korn krazies and they had this to say:

I’ve lost my house and kar due to my kettle korn addiction.

My kids were taken away after someone discovered korn kernals all over the house.

I was able to attract krokodiles to my pond by leaving a trail of delicious kettle korn.

My life has turned around 100% since I started eating kettle korn.

Kettle korn is a part of every kounty fair and outdoor event in the South. Baseball games and family pikniks wouldn’t be the same without it.

Do any of you have a favorite kettle korn brand? Some of you chimed in last Autumn when we first talked about it and several wrote articles about their state fair but we need a list of good kettle korn sources.

Give us the website if you do. Leave out the http—and start with the www—thanks!

I took the above picture at the Tanglewood Wine Festival at Tanglewood park in Clemmons, NC.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jared says:

    I jus’ laffed ot lowd! Yer krazy.
    I’m always lafing and lafing and being the best grits eater in the South. Korn is my friend.


  2. Marnie says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never had any. I’ll be on the lookout at fairs for some.
    I may never talk to you again 😉 I kan only find my favs at the fairs. They just don’t have the same in stores.


  3. Darla says:

    It is some good korn!
    I’m krazy about it.


  4. cindee says:

    I love kettle korn! I have found a commercial type that is tolerable you can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond! Weird place to buy it huh? Nothing beats the good old fair kind though! They have it here at the Farmers Market and also whenever they have a craft fair or home/garden show. I always buy it then! I will eat it until I am sick(-: Yummmmm(-:
    Glad you admitted to being a kettle korn kook too. I shouldn’t get a large bag kause I kan’t stop eating it.

    I’m not sure I could find it appetizing when it’s surrounded by fruity soaps. Maybe if I was desperate.


  5. Cathy says:

    I love Kettle Korn, funny! and Kool….
    Nothing else kompares.


  6. Janet says:

    Kettle Korn eh? It is good. Not sure that I would be in the catagory of being addicted. Maybe I need to have some fresh from a kettle at a fair.
    Definitely, if you haven’t had fresh then you are deprived of the best in life. South Carolinians are especially kooky about it.


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Never heard of it before Anna, I thought you had lost your ‘c’ at first, then saw ther joke. I must be slow this morning.
    Kettle Korn does that to me. It’s probably cause my teeth are stuck together.


  8. Catherine says:

    I love kettle korn! I kan grow prettier kolumbine and kosmos since I started eating it! 🙂
    Funny post and I really do love it!
    Me the most! MrD was laughing tonight as he recalls carrying the big old bag all over the place for my as I browse from booth to booth.

    Now see…if you can grow prettier kolumbine and kosmos then that makes it worth it.


  9. Very kute! They sell this at our local county fair in the Sierra Foothills, and I think at street fairs in San Francisco. If it’s a yummy, sugary treat we usually have The South to thank for it–ambrosia, pecan pie, sweet tea…..
    You are welcome. I heard the funniest story tonight on a woman in her 90+’s and living up in our mountains. The doctor told her she needed to quit dipping snuff. He said it was going to kill her. She said, ” I hope something does”. That was so funny. All my family has lived a long time drinking sweet tea and I’m not about to stop. I might go in to shock.


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