That’s a big hole don’t you think?



I dug some holes this weekend for the new trees I ordered. Do you think I overdid it?


The three trees are Kwanza, Mimosa, and Weeping Willow.


And some of the night temps next week will be in the 30s. I wonder if I should cover these?

100_68813 Winchester Honeysuckles and three Red Twig dogwoods. I planted the Winchesters so they will grow up the front porch post and across the top. They might be evergreen. We’ll see. It is iffey in this area.


A White Chiffon Rose of Sharon and a White Dome PW Hydrangea for $5 each including the weed. They were last year’s stock. People won’t buy without the leaves. They think they are dead. Us plant lovers know better.

I’ve been super busy and that’s how it’s going to be for the next three months. I miss ya’ll!

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  1. Cinj says:

    Looks like you’ve got some work ahead of you. There can never be too many plants though. My dogwood does fine up here so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Of course it still doesn’t have any leaves though. It looks like some bunny enjoyed nibbling on it this winter though.


  2. Deb says:

    Well, they look just fine to me. Love the mimosa too. Smells so good and reminds me of my childhood home.


    1. Mimosa reminds everyone of childhood from what I’ve been hearing. I got that thing for $10. My son ask what we planted a stick for. It’s got a bamboo rod holding it up. I told him we planted the stick to keep the bamboo held upright.


  3. LOL! You’re too funny, Anna!


    1. Funny to look at too.


  4. nola says:

    I’ve never seen a Kwanza tree; I’ll have to google that! I’ve always loved Mimosa’s. Lot’s of people here don’t like them because they are “messy”, but the blooms are so fragrant and beautiful. We always had them when I was growing up, so I have some fond memories of Mimosa’s; I have 2 in the back yard now, but far, far away from the driveway, so that their blooms don’t end up on the cars!


    1. Nola it’s the coolest tree. It has fluffy pom pom type blossoms all over. Kwanza and Yoshino are my favorites. Thanks for the tip on the Mimosa blooms. It’s not close to the cars so that should be OK. I hope.


  5. Racquel says:

    lol Anna, I think it was just a wee bit overkill! 😉 Looks like you are going to be in hog heaven finding homes for your new babies.


    1. Racquel, my update comment button quite working–errrr. So I’m using the reply option. We’ll see how this works.

      I got all the trees planted. It only took 15 minutes cause we didn’t run in to other tree roots or hidden rocks. Wasn’t that a dream. Don’t you hate it when you go to plant something and the shovel hits something hard?


  6. Catherine says:

    You can put all your plants in there at once, although they may not like the cement on the bottom. How fun to get lots of new plants!! You’re going to have your gardens full in no time 🙂
    I’m having a blast. Last year was lots of amending and this year is enjoying the fruits of my labor. The soil is nice and worm friendly. It’s very easy to dig in. Last year you couldn’t cut it with a knife.


  7. cindee says:

    This is the busiest time of the year! I know fall can be with all the raking and pruning etc but Spring is my favorite time to get out and get things going! You have a lot to do with your new plants! Have a great day!!!!
    I am super busy and loving it. I have to go out and cover everything tonight. We will get down to 29ish tomorrow night. ERRRRRR! I hope ground temps keep it warmer for my seedlings. Spring is my next favorite season with Autumn coming in first.


  8. Marnie says:

    I hope you have enough compost to fill that hole;) You will be busy, lots of planting to do.
    I might need more than one truck load. I got to planting done already. The weeping willow looks awesome in its new home.


  9. Sherry says:

    Such lovely trees! The hummingbirds will love the honeysuckle!
    You will be busy!
    Happy planting!
    I sure will be! All the trimming and keeping up with the garden will be delightful. I get so tired of winter but I do love seasons. It makes me enjoy the summers better.


  10. Darla says:

    You may have over done it a bit, LOL! Great plant picks, you know Rose of Sharon roots really easy!!
    Yes, I did know that about Rose of Sharon—but we won’t talk about it as PW has stiff fines if you do. I have rooted other Sharons by hacking off a limb and sticking it in the ground. I ignore it and it roots like crazy. It loves my soil.


  11. Dave says:

    Looks like your about to have some fun! The red twig dogwoods sound great but I’m not sure about the honeysuckle. Is it a native? I do have to say that the mimosa is extremely invasive here in TN. It’s all over east TN and moving westward. The Kwanza cherries are very pretty though!
    We have a lot of Mimosa too but they are butterfly and hummingbird magnets. I haven’t had a problem with them–if so—I’ll yank it out. This honeysuckle isn’t suppose to be as invasive and it is not native— but……I will be trimming it often. I may decide differently after one season as that is all it will take to cover that front porch. MrD has his eyebrows raised. He’s skeptical. I’m adventurous.

    I’ll make all the mistakes so ya’ll won’t have to.


  12. Cathy says:

    You are going to be busy, Honeysuckle vines are so pretty I’ll post a picture later this season when mine comes into bloom. Can’t wait to see how you put all the great plants together when you are done. Don’t forget to post pictures later.
    I stopped by your blog to ask you a ton of questions about yours. This may be a bit aggressive but I want the look of those big blooms all over the front of my house. I use to plant Mandavellia vine but hating having to remove it at the end of the season.


  13. Janet says:

    Looks like you will be doing a lot of planting!! I didn’t know Winchester Honeysuckle, so I went to the Monrovia site. Fast grower– that’s not code for aggresive is it? The blooms are really pretty. Love the peony! I keep eyeing a red one, not sure of the variety. Can’t wait to see how you put all your goodies into the garden.
    ps- nice big hole!
    I’m sure you know where this hole came from ;). I too hope the Winchester isn’t too aggressive but it may just be worth it. It’s in easy reach and I’m out there all the time. I don’t mind trimming it daily as I think of that as therapy. It’s suppose to bloom off and on all summer. The blooms are beautiful aren’t they? I got it mostly for the humming birds.


  14. VP says:

    Yes, you can get some bargains when you buy ‘dead plants’. The Mimosa should smell heavenly as will the honeysuckle.

    Have fun!
    I will be trimming both regularly but the look is grand. Supposed dead plants are a good buy and these have already leafed out. Yea for me.


  15. Phillip (UK) says:

    Fill the hole with compost and they should be fine (lol).
    Too funny! I wonder how many loads that would be?


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