Double Delight Container Arrangement


I’m working on pinks, yellows, and  blueish purple. Take a look. For those who don’t know me, I order these plates from and offer them with these flower combinations I put together. If you visit their site, you can search bouquet and locate all the patterns with this theme. Replacements has their dishes categorized extremely well. You can order one plate or a million. They have a huge inventory and probably have your pattern should you need a replacement.


We worked on Copper Top Cottage this weekend. The roof has been difficult but the men got it figured out. The sides should go up more quickly. It was nice of my oldest to come home and help his dad. Usually MrD works on it by himself. I worked in the yard most of the day and then enjoyed today just sitting around doing nothing much. I did sit on the front porch swing quite a bit. The temp was near 80 and almost hot. It’s so nice to be warm again. There will be two pretty cold nights this week but then I hope we are done.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathleen says:

    That’s a gorgeous container arrangement Anna. I love looking at your containers. The plate is pretty too. Hope your copper top cottage gets finished soon. Will you be able to blog from there?


  2. Catherine says:

    Very pretty color combinations. Sitting on a porch swing with near 80 temps sounds great! We are supposed to get to the upper 60’s today!!


  3. janet says:

    I like the color combos. Nice to have the Copper Top Cottage getting closer to being completed. So possible freeze after highs in the upper 70’s? Must be spring!


  4. Phillip (UK) says:

    It was spring warm here yesterday but dull again today. I do love those blue flowers Anna and glad to hear your men are working so hard.


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