On Selecting Eye Glasses for Gardening


I finally got my new gardening glasses. As many of you know, I am instructed by my eyer dr to wear these glasses every time I go outside unless I want to cause further harm to my maculars—one for each eye makes it plural. Since I don’t wish to do that—I ordered these glasses. They are UV proof, non-glare, transitional lens, transitional sunglasses, and very cool. Most of the time, I’m in the garden if I’m out there. So I looked for some gardening glasses and was pleased to find these.  What do ya’ll think? I also found a very helpful video on selecting glasses. I’m sharing of course cause I share everything I do in life and ya’ll are grateful.

OH–I burnt my finger on the curling iron this am. I grabbed the wrong end. You know, the hot one.  It’s a very nasty 5th degree burn with whiplash.  I am typing with one hand. So not only can I not see till my new glasses come in–but I also only have one functional hand at the moment. That is not stopping me from blogging. I hope my digestive system continues to work cause this could get real ugly if I have to blog about that.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJDNJGtV8Q8  You’ll have to go watch it at youtube cause it won’t embed. Shoot!
Or click HERE

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  1. Maria Berg says:

    Someone have had fun with the computer!
    I was looking back and saw the very cute dog (made of iron ) love it!


  2. James says:

    You look like Yoko Ono’s happier, prettier, long lost Southern cousin.


  3. Nola says:

    Those glasses are TOO MUCH! haha! You have certainly put your own personal touch on your eyewear!
    I wasn’t so brave when it came to the real ones—well maybe I was…they are a pretty burgundy and more squared off than my current ones. I’ll be so glad to get them. Maybe they’ll be ready this week.


  4. joey says:

    Sexy specs, Anna! Where did you find them … perhaps you’ll start a fad! Ouch, sorry ’bout the finger 😦
    I had them special made. I bought a matching shirt and coordinating shoes too. Don’t you garden in style too? Oh my word–I am not a sight for the runway in my real gardening clothes. They are cut-off to the knee jeans and a tee from an old garden center where I use to work. It’s all about comfort.


  5. VP says:

    How typical of you Anna to make light of something so serious 🙂 You look very cool!
    Just call me the queen of cool 😉 Spring makes everything look better. Some days are better than others with my eyes. I’ll know more after Easter. Thank you.


  6. keewee says:

    You will be the coolest gardener on your block.
    Do you promise?


  7. Catherine says:

    They are quite fancy! I hope they help your eyes, I know you want to be out gardening! Take care of yourself!
    My eyes have been going for awhile so I’m use to it. I just didn’t know what it was. I thought it was normal. I do look forward to the new glasses as I think it will make me a movie star 😉


  8. Barbee' says:

    Anna, you are going to have butterflies in your face!
    That makes it all worth it then. I look forward to the butterfly kisses.


  9. You’re so funny even when you’ve got something serious going on, Anna. Love the rose-tinted/festooned glasses you’re sporting, they’re very…springlike. Now as to the curling iron, I can’t offer help as I flunked curling iron 101.
    I didn’t know there was a Curling Iron 101–maybe that’s the problem. I missed the course. The only advice I got was to stop when you see smoke.


  10. cindee says:

    The glasses look great on you(-: They are very flowery(-:
    Sorry about the ouwie! I have done that before! It hurts so bad.
    I think we have similar hair. Let’s see—I wash it with a straightener shampoo—then blow it straight—then use a flat iron—then recurl if I’m feeling fancy. If not–I leave it straight like in the photo. Curly is like in the top right photo for my blog.

    You remember when I got my hair cut short don’t you? It was actually much less than a year ago. It was at elections. Oh my word–it has grown fast. It’s not back to the glasses photo length. I’m keeping it long–so much easier–sometimes.


  11. Since I go in and out all day long, I stopped wearing contacts and sunglasses (kept forgetting to put on the sunglasses), I switched to transitions (bifocal, progressive lenses, etc) glasses to wear all the time. The transition gets pretty dark and works well out in the sunshine, but not for driving in a car (shaded by the roof), so I have glare problems. I am light-sensitive and glare can give me an ocular migraine. Growing old is not for wimps! 🙂

    When did you get your glasses? I had the progressive shading before and hated it. My glasses glared badly too. But the optometrist assured me they had new technology that worked that all out. If not–I’m going to be complaining.

    No way I could poke my eye with a contact lens. And I hear you about working in the garden. I’m always getting a speck of dirt in there somewhere. I do hate the glasses sitting on my sinuses. I laughed at your growing old not for wimps—-that is for sure! Takes twice as much effort to do something now as when I was younger. I have to really want to do it badly to go to all that effort.


  12. Joy says:

    OUCH ! on the finger and whiplash too ? Girl .. did you break some mirrors we don’t know about ? LOL
    Love the glasses .. I want a pair just like that too ! LOL
    Not seeing too well has it’s disadvantages. I do look forward to my new glasses. They are a burgundy color and squared off. I’ll show them soon as they come in. Till then—I’ll be darned sure I pick up the curling iron by the right end.


  13. Janet says:

    Whimsy! What do people do if they can’t have some whimsy in their lives?
    Sorry to hear about your finger…ouch!! Guess you will have to stop using the curling iron and maybe cut your hair. (mine is like Jamie Lee Curtis- super short and I love it)
    You look marvelous darling! My hair won’t stay short unless I carry a pair of shears around with me. I kid you not—it grows about 12 inches a year. I cut it short less than a year ago and my blog picture was taken after that. My hair is back down to the length in this glasses photo. It’s pretty crazy huh? My finger is amazingly better today. I gardened with it so you know that is wear and tear. If I can stand that then all is well.


  14. Darla says:

    Cute specs! Sorry about your finger and we don’t want your digestive system to act up either!! LOL
    Isn’t that the truth. I am really healthy except for this little hiccup in my eyes.


  15. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love the glasses. I’m sure the flowers will look even better with those beauties. Sorry to heasr about your finger, hope it feels much better soon. Its a dull day here but at least the rain and wind have died down. It nearly feels like Spring.
    My real ones will hopefully be here next week. I guess my old ones will become my gardening glasses.


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