When Winter Graces Spring


When Spring first arrives, it is mixed with the browns and of last season and the blues of the sky. Just as in a nest of Robin eggs, the colors are repeated throughout the garden. So sometimes brown is a very beautiful part of Spring.

browncollage1Little brown bunnies hop through the broken branches that fell during winter’s ice and snowy days. Yellow blooms of daffodils and gerber daisies show up in the nurseries and in the garden. They create a cheery contrast between the barren brown trees and the sunny  yellow of the petals.


Buds of every type appear and look interesting gathered in a container. My Dogwood trees are full of buds as are the cherry trees and forsythia. Some people don’t think of collecting buds as part of the Spring displays.

I picture them mixed with the brown of Sweetgum balls. I gathered a few of them and they’ll be included in some of my arrangements. I also bought a bag of the moss pictured below to use as well. The photo of the sticky Sweetgum ball is from Wikipedia.


browncollage5And this is the watch-cat who has scared the dog in to submission.




Look at this brown contrast in thought and sight. Spring bird’s eggs and winter hydrangea blooms all in one. The orchid is a touch of the unexpected.


browncollage12I don’t have a pom pom tree shrub but this is very appealing to me. Hmmmmm–it would look good on my back screened porch or by the front door. I would like to do this to a Rosemary tree.



Such a beautiful saying…………………

browncollage20Browns, blues, aquas, and yellows—all reminders of Spring and its renewing of the spirit. I love this time of year. I love to visit blogs and see your gardens waking up. I love to hear your excitement and learn what you’ll have growing this year. Our friends in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California are in full Spring fling but our buddies in the frozen North and Midwest are seeing more snow. For all of us–it will come. Get out and visit your local garden center. They are hoping you will come and are ready to entice you along the way. Pass the word and tell everyone that Spring is coming.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathleen says:

    I could get in a lot of trouble at that garden center Anna! I guess I get in plenty of trouble at any garden center but this one looks really nice. Your photos are so good.
    The need to move it so I don’t keep getting in trouble there. you would love it.


  2. linda says:

    Looks like my kind of garden center Anna! The dog is so cute – this spring I seem to be drawn to dog statues. I’m trying to make a dog out of flowerpots and string. I saw one at the Chicago garden show and fell in love with it.

    Very nice post – I’m so glad spring is here! I do love fall too. It might be my favorite but its hard to choose between spring and fall. I think it’s a tie for me.
    I have a really cute picture on file of a pot man. The different size pots are anchored on by knots on the rope. It’s not so easy is it?


  3. Racquel says:

    It is the first shade we notice before all the greens, yellows & blues pop up everywhere. Nice post today Anna, and the photos were great!
    Thanks and I really like how the browns have a part to play in the arrival of spring.


  4. Penny says:

    A very nice reminder that brown can be our friend! We have a lot of brown in Tampa thanks to some unusual freezes, and everyone’s exercising gardener patience (read: Grow, dammit!)
    I’m not sure I can make my brown “lawn” quite as aesthetic as your photos, but I’m thinking replacing it with perennials might do the trick. Just have to figure out dealing with those pesky water restrictions.
    We are forever and always a work in progress. Are you still just a bit scared there will be another bout of cold too.


  5. Darla says:

    I just fall in love every time you have post like this one. Very nice things here, boy what a watch cat!
    Don’t hurt his ego–it’s fragile. Anything you see there you want just let me know. I’ll ask about it.


  6. Gail says:

    Hi Anna, Funny you bring up brown..I was thinking my new and now repaired camera takes the best photos of brown! Really, the deep brown of wet tree bark, the leaves against the soil…it’s very nice. I hope you have a delightful weekend..with Mr D! gail
    He’s glad to be home. He had a long meeting up in Hickory and he’s tired. So we just rested and watched a bunch of good movies. He checked ball scores a lot. I fussed at him. I did fix him a good supper. We had ginger chicken with pasta salad. What all did you do?


  7. cindee says:

    I want to live there(-: I love everything! That is the cutest little doggie(-:
    I’m sure I could go in there and know exactly what you like. I may even take the dog home so she can meet my grand dog.


  8. Catherine says:

    Loved all of the pictures. All of the colors showing up really make me happy. I do love that saying in the last picture!
    me too and I like this time of year cause I haven’t killed anything yet.


  9. Robin says:

    So many pretty things to look at! I love spring! What program did you use for your collage?
    I love Spring too but have to admit that Autumn is my favorite time. I’m using Picasa. I just downloaded it for my Mac. It’s fun to use but if I want a frame around the picture, I still have to move it to Picnik. And I don’t think there is a way to resize the collages. If wordpress didn’t automatically do it, I’d have to take it to Picnik for that too.


  10. nola says:

    Oh, I want that sink sitting against your fence! The sweet gum balls remind me of my grandmother. Those trees are not very common around here, but she had a big one in her front yard. I always found those little balls fascinating.
    I have a lot of them and lots of those those sticky balls. Look what Wiki has to say about the nicknames for those balls–totally funny!

    The fruit, popularly nick-named a “space bug”, “monkey ball”, “bommyknocker”, “bir ball”, “gumball” “cukoo-bir” or “sticky ball”, is a hard, dry, globose, compound fruit 2.5-4 cm in diameter and composed of numerous (20-50) capsules. Each capsule has a pair of terminal spikes, and contains one to two small seeds.

    So I guess each ball has about 100 trees inside 😉

    That is a very cool sink!


  11. Phillip (UK) says:

    What great pictures and of course I adore the cat.
    The owners have two of the sweetest cats in the world. They will let you pet them and carry anywhere you want to go. Sometimes they ride in the wagons.


  12. joey says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your introspective post, Anna. I never think of brown as spring (duh… all I have to do is look out my window)! A lovely post and stunning photos. One lone crocus (the rest have been kidnapped) and several primrose peeked at me today … I’m thrilled!
    I want some primrose. There is a nice pretty patch of them growing not far from my house. You think they’ll miss one? I never thought of brown as Spring either until visiting this little shop. While I was writing this post today, I looked outside at the cherry tree and forsythia blooms. Lots of wood there and the Spring sky looks aqua this time of year. Our trees are swollen with new buds are yours?


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