A Fairy Land of Beautiful Pastels


Seems like this would be a little girl’s magical world of imagination.


The roof is open and welcomes the sunshine, fresh air, and the woodland branches.


I could hear their hushed little voices as I passed among them.


Supertunia Vista Bubblegum


They are everywhere and maybe sometimes you don’t see them cause you pass too quickly.






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  1. cindee says:

    You have been hiding! I just love that nursery! I wish I could go visit that place. Thanks for sharing the pictures it was almost like being there!!!
    I’m here and love it when you come by. You would enjoy this place as it is your kind of decorating. There is an area with some fun recycled items that are finding a new life in the garden.


  2. The flowers are really pretty and the dolls make this interesting.

    My little girl would love this.

    Nice work.
    It’s a little girl’s delight. There are lots of little things like that in this shop. You have to look close to see it all.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love those fairies Anna – will post the link on my Children’s blog as a lot of readers there are fairy nuts (like me!).
    I’m glad you can use them. I love to make children laugh and bring them joy so I consider it an honor that you are using my post.


  4. Those dolls are very good. Someone’s putting in a lot of time and effort.

    The ‘supertunias’ are really nice. I’m guessing they’re self cleaning and weather proof.They sure are and resist bugs very well. I don’t notice as much mildew on them as my other varieties.

    You’re photos are really sharp. Thank you. I have a Kodak z612 and I love it.

    So, just thinking out loud, but why does everything seem better on ‘wordpress’? I’m thinking of switching sometime, but only as and when I buy a better camera and have worked my way ’round it to take a good enough pic.I’ve a lot of different blogging programs over the past year and I like wordpress best. They don’t allow flash type applications and a few other things that I don’t miss. They are the most reliable host I’ve used. They have excellent customer service.



  5. Catherine says:

    They’re very cute! I love the really small ones.
    Even though they aren’t my thing, I agree that are very pretty.


  6. tootsie says:

    this is just enchanting! what wonderful photos!
    Thank you and so good to see you drop by.


  7. Gail says:

    I love visiting imaginative places like this nursery…they are so much fun and I can enjoy the sweet displays. It’s funny, they are not my style…but, I totally appreciate them. gail
    If I had a little grand-daughter, I’d get her one. I posted them on here cause I knew there were many who did collect them. There were very well made.


  8. Lola says:

    Oh these little beauties can come into my garden anytime. They are lovely. I can see where I could spend a day at this nursery.
    Diedra has a very talented bunch working for her and you would fall in love with everyone. It’s the friendliest place to browse and find out what’s new and fun to decorate with in the garden and the home. Thank you for stopping by!


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