Did Anyone Trial This Lilac Bloomerang?


Bloomerang™ Purple
Syringa x
Reblooming Lilac

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This is a re-blooming lilac from Proven Winners Plants. I did not trial this one but was hoping someone who did would share their experience. I see it is due out in nurseries Fall of 2009 or you can order it from Wayside( Sold Out for Spring) and White Flower Farm( Sold out for Spring but you can preorder for fall only for zones 5,6,7,–contact White Flower for details). It grows to 60″ and after the first initial bloom it will rebloom again with another show a few short weeks later. You must remove spent blooms to encourage re-blooming. I don’t mind removing the old blooms for this kind of beauty and fragrance. I’m going to get it and see how it performs. It really is pretty don’t you think? Bloomerang seems to grow best in a zone 3-7 garden.

Update/ 3-25 -09  Tim Wood stopped by and left me a message saying that it really does put out a pretty second showing and will continue to bloom to frost. Here is a picture he sent of the second blooming.


This lilac was developed by Tim Wood from Spring Meadow Nursery as one of their Color Choice Shrubs.

Wayside Gardens had this to say about it—

A Heavy-Flowering, Ultra-Fragrant, Reblooming Dwarf Lilac!
Blooms well past the late-flowering varieties!

Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: ‘Penda’. The most compact, heaviest-blooming dwarf Lilac ever grown, Bloomerang™ is a flower machine for 4 months or more every year! The heaviest flowering is in spring, when this compact, very well-branched shrub erupts in fragrant purply-pink bloom trusses, ideal for cutting yet irresistible in the garden as well. Then the flowers simply continue into summer, long past even the late-blooming Lilacs, with color present on the shrub all the way until autumn. Introduced by Tim Wood of Spring Meadow Nursery, this cross of the famous dwarf S. ‘Josee’ outdoes all other members of the family with its generosity of blooms over a long, long season.
Growing Tips

Remove spent blooms promptly to encourage reblooming. Prune to shape after blooming if needed. Flower production may decline during extremely hot summers but will resume when temperatures cool in fall.

Some sources say it is hardy to zone 3

Full sun



Hardy Temp
-40°F (-40°C)

A classic addition to foundation plantings and mixed borders.

Reblooming lilac blooms from spring until frost! Small habit fits into any garden. Good for cutting. Fragrant. Deer resistant.

43 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian Macker says:

    Yes, but does it smell like a classic lilac.


    1. Anna says:

      I don’t think it does but here we are in 2018 and they are still popular.


  2. roger stoel says:

    Will you let this site know when Boomerang lilac drop
    s its leaves. I have not tried this new plant. I have Lliac ” Tinkerbell”.
    The leaves of Tinkerbell are stilll green, and the tempature has dropped Below 32 F.


  3. Sherrie says:

    I am considering trying the Bloomerang Lilac for my garden. My garden has sun and part shade. I am raising a knock-out rose bush near by the area I would plant the lilac bush and I am also raising wave petunias that have gotten huge. I just wondered about how many hours of sun the lilac requires. I also have a ground cover that is called Mazus reptans that covers the entire garden instead of using mulch, it requires sun and seems to thrive just fine. I live in Indianapolis. I would appreciate any advice anyone might have to offer. Thanks !


  4. Doris McComb says:


    I purchased two of the Bloomerang Lilacs this spring. It is now August and both have grown quite a bit and are blooming!! So far, I must say that these shrubs are amazing. I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that both survive the coldness of the Manitoba winter. I have seen this re-bloomer zoned for a zone 3 and zone 4a. I am in zone 3, so we shall see.

    Thanks for the post, I am happy that I could reply.
    Happy Gardening!


  5. jo says:

    Would like to know what the silver bush is beside it? anyone know. Love it. sunnyside jo


    1. I can’t say for sure Jo, but it looks like the Black Lace elderberry bush when its young or early in season. http://www.provenwinners.com/plants/detail.cfm?photoID=7751&page=1&searchKeywords=elderberry


  6. Anna: Nope, I don’t have one either… but I’m tempted to find a spot, that’s for sure. Who can’t love a lilac that blooms off and on for months? Eager to hear how competitor variety works. Enjoy the start to your spring. Teresa


  7. Anna: Just found your post about Bloomerang, and was delighted to read all your information and the comments too.

    Lilacs grow very well in Idaho, but they bloom for such a short time. So, as soon as I heard about this variety, I was eager to learn more. What could be better than reblooming lilacs? Thanks for such an interesting post. Teresa


    1. Well isn’t this so cool that you stopped by. I’m glad my article was interesting for you. This continues to be my best post for stats. Lots of people come here for information and updates on the Bloomerang. I’m getting a shipment of a competitor rebloom lilac–a man contacted me through this post and wants me to trial his. It will be interesting to post the reports on the difference. But first–I have to get a Bloomerang. I think I’m the only one here who doesn’t have one.


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