The Yellowey Yellowist Yellow Flambe



There is a long list of attractive glowing features surrounding  Flambe® Yellow Chrysocephalum  apiculatum Strawflower. I grew this in my garden last summer and it lives up to its drought tolerant description. We had very high temperatures for most of the summer. It was also one of the worst droughts on record. Fertilize it regularly and it will reward you with a sunny burst of color from Spring to Frost. And NO!, you do not have to deadhead this beauty.


Now this is a way to say fabulous! I really like containers planted in a mass of color. It can be one plant or many plants that are similar in color. But doesn’t this one shout at you.


At the end of a day in the garden, sit a bit. Making a seating area attractive will make you more relaxed and time will seem to linger a bit longer. We don’t always need to be so rushed.


The colors in this plate by Royal Albert called Drury Lane( available from are a perfect companion for the Flambe. If you don’t want to give an expensive container as a gift to someone special, give a plate of cookies and a single plant. Make a sleeve for the plant out of sage or yellow gingham. Hold secure with a ribbon of white or one of the two colors on the plate. Or be like me and stick the plate in an arrangement.


This arrangement will last from Spring to Autumn. Imagine it with the Flambe Terracotta Pansies from Veseys


Take a Flambe with this bowl of kisses to someone feeling blue. You can’t be blue when a sunflower is peeking at you. Can you? The bowl can be ordered from


Are you going to get thirsty? Your Flambe is going to last all summer and into the Autumn. It will not fade until temps dip in the 30s. Set your Flambe on your kitchen counter and serve lemonade from this Ball gallon jug from Gooseberry Patch.


flambestrawflower5Isn’t that pretty cool! Give Mom a hanging basket and a cookbook!

gooseberrycookbooksummerincountryThe recipe book is from Gooseberry Patch. I have many of their cookbooks and love every one. Each page is filled with recipes and tidbits to make family memories. There are decorating ideas too!


When giving a gift the wrapping paper and card can sometimes cost as much as the present. Why not use a kitchen towel. For a hanging basket, tie the towel to the wire or plastic hook part. For a container, line the towel with foil or wax paper. Bring the towel up around the pot and secure with a pretty ribbon.



Growing Tips
Deadheading not necessary for continuous bloom. Plants will “bury their dead” (new flowers will quickly cover old flowers) so no deadheading necessary.

Full sun



Hardy Temp
25°F (-4°C)

Use in planters or landscapes; great in informal drifts

Tufted yellow flowers on silvery foliage; very heat and drought tolerant

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love everything on this post Anna. Beautiful containers, plants, china, etc. Happy spring!
    Happy Spring to you too. Thank you


  2. Love the pansies, love the yellow yellow mellow yellow. Don’t love Veseys at ALL, a scandalous confession for a Maritime gardener, but true none-the-less. Long story for another day. But this post! Instant cheering up and brightening up even as I traipse tiredly towards midnight.
    You are working too much these days. I give you permission to do nothing this weekend.


  3. elizabethm says:

    I love yellow in the spring. My daffodils are just coming out and they are the most beautiful singing yellow!
    thanks also for your kind comment on my blog.
    Thank you and stop by again. We’ve had daffodils for a couple of weeks and you can’t stay in a bad mood around them. I went for a walk today and was probably smiling the whole way.


  4. Catherine says:

    Love all the yellows!
    Sure seems like I’m doing a lot of yellows this year. It will be cheery.


  5. Darla says:

    Just beautiful here, the flowers, the containers the ideas…….endless! Thanks for sharing these.
    There is lots to share in every garden isn’t there? I’ve never seen an ugly flower. I have seen some that are too high maintenance but I don’t usually buy those.


  6. Yellow Chrysocephalum apiculatum -Strawflower. I really like that.

    OK, I’m not the first to say, but the photos are just great.

    I wish I could take credit for taking those pictures but they are Proven Winners. Most of the pictures on this site are mine but when I feature a flower like this, I usually go hunt down one of their beautiful photos. They gave me permission to use them a long time ago–thank goodness. I do love this plant. You can put it out in the garden and just about forget about it.


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Lovely flowers. I bought my Mother a book of Irish short stories (though we’re only 1/4 Irish) – seemed appropriate this week. Postcards have arrived, will be on their way to you later this week.
    Thank you…I love flower pictures and especially containers as you know so well. No problamo on the cards. A few others have told me theirs are in the mail too but not at my house yet. I will tell jodi and Jen that we pushed the project ahead a week.

    The book sounds perfectly picked for your mom. I like vintage cards and watering cans. My birthday is in May which is the best time to get gardening stuff. The stores are full. Mother’s day usually runs the same week so I get extra!


  8. joey says:

    ‘Yellowey, yellowist, yellow’ is me, dear Anna. A stunning post! I’ll soon be out hunting for pansies … Flambe Terracotta is a must! (Your photos are breathtaking!)
    Thank you Joey and Happy St. Patricks Day. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done on your blog. My best friend from birth is coming to spend today. She’s a morning person and will have to do all the talking till my brain wakes up around 11.

    The pictures are from Proven Winners. They let me access their professional pictures. It does take time to dig through them and find just the right one. And then you know me, I have to find 10 other neat stuff to go with it. When I show my garden then those are pics I took myself. Soon as my garden gets going and MrD finished Copper Top, then I’ll be posting tons of pictures.


  9. Cinj says:

    What a wonderful collection of yellows. I like the idea of wrapping presents in towels too. Reusable AND economical. Who doesn’t use towels?


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