The Ability To Have Heat Conducting Containers


There is technology already discoverd that is promising for the suffering plant industry. This new technology will spur cottage industries for just about every object we use on a daily basis. Scientist are meeting this month in North Carolina to discuss the commercialization of nanotechnology. This new nanotechnology will cause our economy to grow greater than during the industrial revolution. It will affect any product from toothpicks to skyscrapers. Are you ready? And it’s not a speculation, it’s a guarantee.

Read this information and view the video below. If you think like me, you’ll get excited and realize the opportunities and possibilities.

Fresh flowers and vegetables year round for everyone and in every home is a possibility for the near future. A most interesting discovery in nanotechnology will give us a new metal that has morphing qualities. It has solar capabilities, can morph to any color and texture, and repells fingerprints. It’s a self cleaning substance.

Nanotechwire ‘s site reports on the new discoveries in the science of nanoparticles. 10,000 nanoparticles would fit on a single hair of the common housefly. The particles are information filled containers. The information tells the particle what to do. Millions of nanoparticles can group together and form an amorphous metal. It will be pliable and easily manipulated in to what ever shape you need. It is stronger than conventional methods and materials used to build objects. Under a microscope, it looks like a tangled web of silk.

If you need a larger container or an odd shaped one—just form what you need. It can be translucent. Send its database a picture of alligator skin and the nanoparticles will morph to that texture. If you want your container to match your house, send it a picture of your siding. Not only will it copy the texture, it will be the same color.

The new nanophones will be bendable and also have morphing abilities. Your phone could be worn on your wrist and made to match your outfit.

If containers are made from the substance, they would have solar characteristics and be able to conduct heat. The roots would be kept warm. Build the container so it surrounds the plant and you’ll have a mini greenhouse. Scientist say this will be very affordable and help the environment. Nanotechnology rids our world of clutter. You will have one tool that will operate on a multifaceted level. Less debris in the landfills and less manufacturing causing pollution. This is very smart technology.

Nanoparticles have the ability to cure some cancers. The particle enters the body by capsule, travels to the cancer cell, docks to it, and unloads its passengers. These passengers are the technology to fix the affected cell. This is so much better than taking a medicine which makes you sick and kills off healthy cells too. Nanoparticles seek and fix only the cells affected. Imagine the future discoveries in the medical field for this sort of thing.

Any surface can be covered. Your house, large buildings, cars, containers, and especially greenhouses. It brings us miles closer to being self sustaining. Watch the video and see how Nokia is harnessing these possibilities. This will blow you away and you’ll need to buy a completely different thinking cap.

I have a more detailed article at The Charlotte History Examiner

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    Thanks for your long answer. I have to be honest and say you are the first Creationist / Intelligent Designer I have ever spoken to as it is a very rare belief over here. I first read people like Darwin and then Richard Dawkins at a very early age and they convinced me, but then we are all different and it is a big Universe with room for all I guess.
    I think I might be the only one too 😉 Thank you. I’ve been a Christian since age 4 and went to school where they taught we evolved. So I understand both sides. I taught in a Christian school and had the teacher’s biology book with tons of interesting tidbits of info. Creation science has never pinned down the literal 6 day theory or more like— it took millions of years—the reason is that we have no idea how long a day was in God’s eyes. I’ve even met Christians who believe evolution and creation. So there is a lot out there even among us Christians.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Interesting stuff. I don’t know enough about it to contribute intelligently to this conversation but I still think it’s exciting…
    Thank you for taking the time to read it. I want to be ready when nanotechnology starts being talked about more often among the average group of people. I want to be able to tell them what is concerning and what is good.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    Hi Anna,
    there is a lot on the net and over here Prince Charles created a lot of coverage of the possible down sides. But if you have the time to read it this article on the brilliant Wired web site by Bill Joy which certainly made me think.
    I am no luddite and worked with technology all of my working life including as an IT Technology Manager for Chrysler and Mercedes (before they demerged) but nano technology really is playing with things we barely understand.

    Phillip, Thank you for that article and it was a very good read. My response is not directed at you or anyone. It is my reply to the article and my stance on nanotechnology. I hope more people will get involved with this conversation. I love a good exchange and differing points of view.

    I do think our current state of economic woes will happily usher in this level of science. The reason being that it will drive us out of the depression. People don’t get behind anything until their pocketbook starts feeling too empty. There is a great deal of money being thrown on the horizon with the US government stimulus package. It’s disguised as energy resources and medical research. It’s also disguised as environmental grants. Every state wants a piece of the package and will do or say anything to word their request as though we will benefit the world by going down this path.

    I’ve been following this story for about 10 years. I’ve never spoken to anyone who knows a thing about it except the scientist. The only reason I know even a little bit is because I taught biology for a few years. I know enough to understand the very basics of this conversation. I have heard these cons and just wonder how many people are involved in the decision making process about using this technology. I don’t want the average public to go blindly forth in life.

    The article you pointed out tells how we will innocently accept this robotic future. I agree, it claims that we will learn to accept because it will be introduced slowly. At my Charlotte History Examiner site, I ask if this technology will prolong our lives. I ask that because I want to get people talking about it. People refuse to get educated and therefor accept these ideas blindly.

    It’s going to come at first slowly and then more rapidly as knowledge increases. I think man has been losing self since the beginning of time. The article above in your reply also states that computers are not as dangerous as robots. I would disagree. Without computers, robots would not have been invented. Computers can do just as much damage as robots. These new nano particles/robots will be built with computers and high tech major magnification microscopes. Their design will be launched from the computer and a computer will guide the building process.

    I know that good and bad exist. Bad does not think morally. Bad thinks to conquer. Some societies think the conquering and controlling are their key to success. They will not stop at anything. Our only defense and say in the matter is to stay one step ahead of them. That is how you control nuclear weapons. The bad and evil in the world will develop this nano technology no matter how many warnings are out there. By staying ahead, we can do the controlling as your article suggest.

    And with all these new discoveries will come lots of wonderful things. I aim to stay positive and informed so I can make the best decisions for my family and do it responsibly for the environment. Environmentalist are going to embrace this technology and be the driving force behind it. It reduces the abuse of nature harming substances. Some people meaning to attain a higher level of solutions will in the process create a worse scenario. It’s the case of……. be careful what you ask for.

    So I agree with you. I do think there is a very dangerous side to it. It would be ideal to go back to the days before anything was manipulated—maybe—but then we were wiped out by plagues and the likes. So going back is probably not the answer either. Anytime you graft a plant, you are scientist playing with genetics. One wacky graft and you could possibly create a whole different species. —-that’s a Darwin thought isn’t it? 🙂

    I know that you and many are supporters of the Darwin theory. I respect that a great deal as I’m not a blind Christian. I do think man was created by God. I do believe that man has been on the earth for 6,000 years and has been physically digressing every since. I don’t believe in evolution but I do believe in adaptation. Nanotechnology in my opinion will drive adaptation to a very complex level. Plants will be genetically altered to tolerate more dry conditions as water sources are scarce. Nanotechnology will probably bring back the dinosaurs and maybe perhaps someone who lived thousands of years ago. Then he can tell us what happened 😉

    Event though I believe that man has only lived here 6,000 years, I think the world took millions of years to create. God speaks of a literal 7 days of creation. But the bible does not tell us how long a day was or is in the eyes of God. I believe in a great flood. I think the layers of earth that man studies to go back in time—actually happened during that flood. I think if God chooses to…..He could cause such a great event to happen again. We may not have time to become robots. Or we may have to live with the consequences of choosing that path in life. God didn’t say we would live our lives happily and perfectly. We are keepers of the earth and can make decisions as we please good or bad.

    I also think that there is no new technology under the sun and that God reveals to us that technology in his perfect timing. He knows that only good could be done with it if the world was full of only good people. But through man’s evil, he will choose to use it harmfully. I don’t choose to live my life in fear because God does not want that. He does not want us to judge or deny these discoverings. He is hoping we will put them to good use. I’m choosing to accept nanotechnology and do my part to help people learn. I don’t want people to be frightened but I do want them to be concerned and learn all they can about it.


  4. How do you suppose this technology will change the plant industry. You could match your pot to the flower—-train the container to absorb heat or repel it. The new smart phone from the nanotechnology looks like a paper thin bookmark. It is possible to program the two so you will know when the plant is dry or needs fertilizing. You can take the phone with you to the nursery, touch the plant in question with the new nanophone—and get an instant read-back on that plant.

    Let’s say you want to know how healthy the plants is—–or will it thrive where you are going to plant it……or what the bloom time is. These phones can be programmed to fit your individual needs. The real beauty is the phone’s ability to recognize the molecular make up of the object in question. More knowledge helps you make smarter choices. Less waste.

    Pretty soon—-the garden will tell you when it needs tending. It will tell you through your nanophone that a weed has invaded its space.

    So there you go—-Your garden is going to MySpace you!


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    A very positive article Anna and it has really exciting possibilities, but for balance I think you should mention some of the dangers inherent in nano technology that a lot of scientists are really worried about.


    1. Phillip, I was expecting this to come to light. Smart of you to know……what are some of the dangers you fear? And are those dangers worth the risk? I think most of the dangers come from the genetics field and not the industrial uses. Such as….there is the present risk of too much genetic information being altered. Perhaps you might grow a third eyeball. Now that’s making light of it—-but if you have to have a third eye but your kids gets to survive cancer……then is it worth it. In time……those dangers will be corrected. Anything new has good and bad.

      Let me know what you think.


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