The Character of a Home



I like ornate pieces added appropriately to a home that make it stand apart from the rest. How do you set your home apart and make it unique. This home has some lattice work fastened to the open porch and has a vine growing on it. I can picture it covered in roses. Can’t you?


These arches give the home a personality. Look how they added the blue/green accent paint.


The tin roof and white bannister set the tone. The 50’s style metal chairs and dutch style screen door add to don’t you think? Very little landscaping also makes a statement.


Craftsman style with squared off features. Just like my house.


I designed my home from all the childhood memories lovingly stored in my hopes. Big front porches are also popular as we have awesome weather to enjoy most of time. Not today as there is sleet in tonight’s forecast. The above picture was taken last Spring. I wanted to mix stone, cedar siding, and brick so it looks like additions grew with the home. My goal was lots of character.


Some people live in log homes with lots of landscaping! What features of your home do you consider a point of interest?

You can see more pictures of homes and their character on my site:  Homes That Big Tobacco Built and  Wilmington, NC

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  1. Hi Anna

    I love this post. I’d always associate a porch with the Southern US.

    When my husband retired from the Air Force, we could have lived anywhere. We chose to come back to the South–although–Colorado came in a very close second. For a year we went back and forth on which one. I would have been happy there too. Both my boys still say that would like to live back there some day. No matter where I go, the porch and swing are coming with me.


  2. Cinj says:

    Not much to set my house apart. I love character touches like those who had older homes. I don’t know, I suppose some people like simplicity with shutters but I really like victorian style with dental monlding and large wrap around porches. I’m hoping to at least add some window boxes to my house this year too, but you know me. Lots of plans, not enough time to carry them all out.


  3. Heather says:

    You have the porch I hope to have one day. I love Craftsman style. Unfortunately not a big architectural feature in this part of Idaho. Your home looks wonderful. I hope you will share more of it as summer comes on.


  4. Cathy says:

    Lovely Homes, about 6 years ago my sister and I restored a Victorian 2 flat that
    was built in 1885. The 2 flat came out so gorgeous that someone made an offer to
    purchase it before we could even put it on the market. I just love all different
    styles of homes, but Craftsman is amoung my favorite.
    Thank you. You must have the touch for restoration which doesn’t surprise me. After visiting your blog a few times, I can tell you love detail. I had sort of a hard time figuring out exactly what style I was going to settle on. Part of me wanted a farmhouse style. I was going to build a Stephen Gardner new twist on the one story farmstyle. In the end–I decide to design my own pulling from the details of craftsman and a bit of cottage added in—with 50’s style fixtures and molding. I’ve never regretted doing it. We love it here.


  5. Sweet Bay says:

    Anna these are wonderful pictures. These houses have so much more personality than the usual McHouses that one sees going up everywhere.

    I love the pillars on your porch, and the open design. Very beautiful and inviting.

    I’d say the stone chimney (actually a brick chimney with stone facade) and the cedar siding are distinguishing features of our house. That and the landscaping.


  6. Beautiful southern homes with lots of charm!

    You have so many awesome things about your house and your gardens are spectacular.


  7. Catherine says:

    I love all the front porches, my dream was to have a house with one. We have a nice little porch and I love it. We have white posts on ours like the third picture. I’d like to add railings like they have too. I’d say the landscaping around it is the biggest point of interest.
    Yes, your home is very attractive. And you have done a ton with the landscaping. It’s fun to look at house pictures even if the house is so different than your own. Seeing a bannister can help you decide if you want it or not. I’m always looking for inspiration and you have a good eye for it.


  8. Phillip (UK) says:

    We don’t have verandas here but they look terrific on those houses and add such character.
    You told me that before and I love your use of the term veranda. Makes it sound better than porch. But the southern country gal in me belongs on a porch. I’m making some new cushions for some of the chairs out there. I want some color.


  9. Kathleen says:

    oooh, I love the lattice around the porch in the first photo Anna. I can absolutely see it covered in roses. So picturesque. All the houses are beautiful, including yours. I love a porch, wish I had one. My home is stucco, which has some character in itself but I can’t think of a feature that is extra special…. Maybe my terraced front patio???? Great post!
    I’ve seen glimpses of your home and it is very lovely. Your home has a lot of charm inside and out. Your container arrangements are awesome. Did you know this is my 30th some odd move. We moved a lot with the military and several times since. I hope I’m done as I love this area. I’m from here way back in my youth.


  10. Wanita says:

    The pictures are lovely, Anna. I love homes with porches, like yours.

    Thank you, my builder wanted to know why I would waste so much valuable square footage on porches. Well he’s not a gardener that’s for sure. He does have a pretty lake house though.


  11. joey says:

    Interesting post, Anna (great photos) … hum … classic 70 yr-old New England colonial (all cedar including roof), classic front landscaping, classic perennial gardens in back, blah, blah, blah … Sound boring … remember, I’m ‘The Ho-Hum Housewife’ 🙂
    Nothing ho hum about cedar shakes all over—it’s perfectly charming. I fell in love with New England colonials when I visited Cape Cod a few years back. They looked really pretty all dotted about the countryside. I didn’t realize Michigan had some—or do you have the only one?


  12. Robin says:

    I love seeing the pictures of homes with character. So many of the homes in our area look the same, I need to do more to make mine stand out, (within the guidelines of our very strict Covenant Restrictions).
    This is an old neighborhood and there were some covenants but not many. We can’t have a fence in the front yard and no unusual animals but chickens are Ok. I don’t think my neighbors want me raising chickens–lol. I think your home is awesome the little bit you’ve shown here and there. You must be the envy of the neighborhood with the flowers and birdies making it a real haven for the sight and mind.


  13. RainGardener says:

    The houses are great – I’ll have to go look at the other you have.
    I can’t think of anything that sets mine apart unless you mean landscaping too and not much their either. ;-( I guess it would be that I like to put things around lopsided like wheelbarrows headed up trees and milk cans slanted with flowers pouring out of them.
    I’m glad you stopped by! Oh yes, landscaping can make a real difference and sometimes it’s the focal point don’t you agree? I do like to see odd things planted up like wheelbarrows. That shabby chic look in the garden is really appealing.


  14. nola says:

    What lovely homes. Craftsmen are my fav, because that’s what I grew up in, and that’s the first house I owned. I have a thing for trellises, and I’d have a dozen all with wisteria covering them if I had the space.
    I would have a lot of trellises and even though I love to see Wisteria in other’s gardens, I’ll skip on it. I had it at my last home and it put my back deck on the moon. It grew a foot a day and I had to hire a full time Wisteria attendee just to care for the trimming. They sure are pretty though.


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