Purrfect Gifts Fur Furever Friends And Family


catlizart29etsyLizart has a very interesting way of bringing out the beauty in cats! This is a post dedicated to you cat lovers. I don’t have a kitty but sure wish I did. I’ll have to stick with these non-furry varieties. Aren’t they grand!


Beth Nadler brings you a colorful kitty that is perfect for you who have kitty cats with equally appealing personalities. See all her amazing art at her site. I love featuring artist such as Beth. We tend to get in a rut when choosing gifts. I hope seeing what Beth can do will help you expand your love for art, cats, and gift giving. We have all but lost that charm of giving and receiving something unexpected. Beth has a lot of the unexpected.


Lucy’s Cat Grass is an organic buck oat grass perfect to plant and then add this plate to the arrangement– give to a cat loving friend. Franklin Mint’s Countryside Cats from Replacements.com


Or collect a set of them and serve afternoon treats to several of your cat loving friends. Sakura plates at Replacements.com


If you buy from Replacements.com, you can have a littler of kitties without the furballs! This plate is from Ganz.


You need a Santa cookie plate for the kitties—duh! Sakura at Replacements.com I hope you find that purrfect gift idea for your furrever friends and family.

Making China Containers

8 Comments Add yours

  1. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, I just love that kitty from Lizart! It would look good anywhere. And in the Easter decor post previously, that Succulent bunny was to die for! There was a similarity between these two items, I believe it has something to do with moss. 🙂 HA
    I see it was the moss…. Yes, the kitties are too cute. I was looking for bouquets when I started seeing cats everywhere. So ….Cats it was for the next post.


  2. Darla says:

    Very interesting for sure.
    For sure!


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    My cat won’t approve but I think these are real fun. My cat prefers dropping off low walls onto unsuspecting dogs.
    That is too clever of the cat. They are hysterical. I have all but adopted the pretty black cat that lives behind me. She keeps varmits out of my garden and I’m appreciative.


  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    At a recent garden show, there was a floral arrangement with china plates in it. I thought of you. I have cats vicariously also.
    Really?! Oh how exciting!!! It was my idea first! I’ve been doing it for years. I’m appreciative that you thought of me–thank you!


  5. Gail says:

    Adorable! Is the cold weather reaching into your garden? gail
    Oh gosh Gail….we are suppose to get sleet tomorrow night. Would you believe my wax myrtles stood right back up after bending to the ground during that heavy snowstorm? Well they did. Now this sleet. Phooey!


  6. Joy says:

    Anna .. these are just beautiful and wow .. I could be one avid collector if I had the room !
    Funny .. I just did a post with my girls in referance to the Zen of Linus from OFB .. must be a cat day ? haha
    Your cats have so much personality. I’m partial to Sophie. She’s got the sweetest face. I did go read your article and you are right about them being distracted by treats!


  7. nola says:

    Thanks for the tribute to our feline friends. I am a cat-aholic; I never met a cat I didn’t like. The down side of that is that everything in my home is covered in fur and scratched up. But I wouldn’t trade one of my fur babies for all the new furniture in the world! Cats Rule!!!
    I would be a real cat person if my allergies would go away. My eyes just about swell shut and I sneeze my fool head off. They are funny creatures and most are loving. Most are up to misbehaving all day and that is entertaining isn’t it?


  8. In case you didn’t notice—-the first three would be grand as a grouping! Big Hugs to you all!


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