Jewel Tone Alabaster Eggs


Tuscan craftsman have hand carved these alabaster eggs exclusively for Williams-Sonoma. At their site, you can see several sophisticated and classy glassy ideas for Easter. Isn’t the glass basket below a nice piece for the Spring table? I really like announcing Spring at my house. If I get excited then everyone joins in. Did you know happiness is infectious?


And no Spring table is complete without little bunny candle holders don’t you think?  Every year, I collect something for each holiday that will never go out of style and last for many generations. I can picture my grandchildren and great grandchildren unwrapping the items for their family holiday and remembering how grandma use to have it on her table. Make traditions for your family. More than ever, we need a sense of family.


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  1. rochelle says:

    wow…I was clearing out emails from my inbox and noticed that you had been to my site a few times but I wasn’t sure I had ever stopped by here (lease accept my apologies)….a lovely site.
    I am they type of person that everything sneaks up on…like right now…I am saying OMG is Easter coming soon? When? What do I need to do to prepare? I have 2 kids and a baby business, a blog and I run a farmers market…I take each day one at a time…I hyperventilate if I think too far ahead and all the things to do…do you ever feel that way? Anyway…am trying to calmly think about easter…though being in boston, St Patty’s day is not over…so it might be a little hard to focus until after sunday. Thanks for all the inspiration….
    Yes, Easter is coming and you best get ready. I don’t do much for St Patty’s day. I even forgot it was coming. I guess since my kids got older, I forget a lot of those little holidays. I’m glad you stopped by.


  2. Jen says:

    Actually it might be a good thing that we have run out of available space, then I would start a Easter Collection. And we all know that it would not stop there……

    I love the easter bunny’s, love the eggs. There was the cutest easter egg wreath ah…….

    Don’t stop! keep going and adding as it is loads of fun. If I don’t get but one thing a month, I’m happy. I have a weakness for bunnies.


  3. nancybond says:

    Your bunny candle holders are adorable! Yes, we need tradition now, more than ever. My girls still smile when I refer to the M&M bowl — a wonderful, lead crystal bowl that I received as a wedding gift. Every Christmas, I have always filled it with red and green M&Ms…at Easter, the same, only the pastel M&Ms that are sold at that time. It was always on the coffee table in our living room when the girls were still home…it now sits in my dining room…still full of M&Ms at the holidays. 🙂
    That’s a wonderful story! How precious that the kids still remember. My younger son won’t let me change a thing in my house. My two sons and dil are worth keeping traditions alive.


  4. Catherine says:

    I agree family traditions are very important. We’ve tried to start special traditions for our kids as well as carry on traditions that we had as kids. My favorite has been to let them skip a day of school to see Santa with their cousins like my Mom let us do.
    Awww….that is a very special day for sure. I might be guilty of making lots of things tradition. I’ll do anything to get my kids to come home again and relive memories.


  5. Racquel says:

    Your house must be looking very festive for spring & Easter right now. Love those jewel tone colored eggs.
    Thank you, my uncle use to make elaborate Easter eggs. He would make all kinds of designs on them. I tried to google his style but didn’t ever see another like his. I wish I had remembered the patterns and paid better attention.


  6. Jen says:

    A few years ago I picked up some white ceramic eggs at a craft store. We had a great time painting and decorating them and I can get them out every year. The alabaster ones look like real dyed eggs! I love the arrangements in the glass jar – nice idea
    There are some very good ideas these days at the stores. I think family time and such will get more precious as the days and money become more valuable. Don’t you?


  7. Wanita says:

    We think alike, Anna. I, too, think about the traditions of our family and want our grandchildren to have good memories of the times we shared and the pretty dishes and decorations Nana and Papa had in their home. But most of all, I want them to always know and remember how much they are loved!

    No doubt that yours or our grandchildren will be loved. You and I both love making special moments. Your snow sure was pretty. I hope it warms up there in Minn E so Ta.


  8. Cinj says:

    It is so precious to have wonderful family traditions. I love that the candle matches the bunny it is in. Now you know you can only have four grandchildren, one bunny for each unless you run out and stock up on more now. LOL.
    I didn’t think about that….oh mercy…..I better buy a lot and send dil a hurry up note.


  9. Marnie says:

    I picked up a covered jar from TJ Max that would be perfect to make something similar. Wonderful ideas.
    I’m not at all surprised that you would love this. I cried reading your story about the little bird.


  10. Darla says:

    Very pretty, love the colors! Come by and enter to win!
    After trying 4 times, I finally got my reply to go through on your blog. I have no idea why–or maybe it was cause my browser was in private mode. I had it in that mode so all the research I was doing wouldn’t pile up on my puter.


  11. Frances says:

    Hi Anna, those are just wonderful. I love them in the large hurricanes, to keep them safe from little hands. Easter is at my house this year, usually it is only Thanksgiving, so there will be decor galore! WS always has cool stuff. I have some of their glass turkeys.
    I’ve seen those glass turkeys! Oh–how grand that you get the kiddos for Easter. Are you fixing a ham and develed eggs. I’m going to.


  12. Phillip (UK) says:

    Its slowly getting warmer here and those are a lovely way to celebrate Easter. They are great.
    Thank goodness you are warming up. I love all the holidays and love to decorate for them.


  13. Deb says:

    Great, Now I need a bunny candle holder in cobalt blue;)
    Or a cobalt squirrel.


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