The New Era Of Green Energy


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Navada is proposing a new environmentally friendly green power grid as part of the upcoming enegry bill. I reported on the need for a new electrical grid for the United States just recently. Mr. Reid would like to see the energy produced by wind and solar be part of the same grid system that already exist. The system we use presently doesn’t reach the remote areas where these natural  power stations need to be built.

Mr. Reid says this will bring huge economic growth to his state of Nevada. The wind and solar conditions of Nevada are very appealing to the companies who are interested in building solar and wind farms. Some people are excited about it and others oppose. The yeas say its obviously a renewable source and we can quit disfiguring the land. It’s a yea for those who worry we’ll run out of coal and oil. But it’s a nay for those who fear the wind and solar farms will disrupt animal life. They nays say those areas where the windmills and solar panels are to be built will interrupt flight patterns of the birds and will confuse the prairie animals.

The Senate will debate this in a couple of weeks as they study the energy bill. We have to move in to the next generation as our systems are antiquated. As we move in to the advanced areas of technology, we will need more power. We need to continually seek and improve. People fear change. For some reason it’s always seen negatively until the rewards become apparent. People didn’t like cars when they noisily  traveled down the road. Some didn’t like the television and others hated the corset 😉 I’m awfully glad we moved out of the corset era.

The picture above is from my Wilmington category. This little sign was hidden in the bushes. If I had not looked down to admire something blooming, I would have completely missed it. I’m sure some people thought a sidewalk was a total waste of money.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I am all for wind turbines and I am a nature lover. Think of it this way- with coal, and nuclear waste and petroleum – all the byproducts, transportation, runoff, chemical remains and land destruction are DEVASTATING to the planet TODAY. Killing humans, fish, birds, and other creatures large and small. Wind and solar power are infinitely renewable and non-polluting. There would be a massive reduction in killing and harming if we focused on these efforts instead of being small minded about how it looks or whether some birds flew in the way. Our planet is dying because we don’t use these methods – It’s shortsighted and wrong to say that we shouldn’t use wind power because of this.


  2. Marnie says:

    As an advocate of wildlife I do foresee huge problems,especially with the wind turbines. With the wildlife population constantly declining it seems an awful shame.

    On a lighter note, I certainly love the little nest of chocolate eggs on the previous post.


  3. Our part of the country already has many, many wind farms up and running. In my opinion, they are a beautiful sight to see. The turbines have improved in design through the years to be more bird-friendly.

    You’ve given me an idea, Anna…maybe I could do a post on these farms sometime. I really do think that of all our options, they should be up there at the top.


  4. Boy, am I ever with you on this one. I’ve heard some amazing stats about how much we could save by insulating our homes better, how much energy we could produce from switchgrass, all kinds of things. It’s good to hear about something actually moving in the right direction.


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