Robotic Weeding and Space Age Farming

Robotic weeding for “Space Age” farming is here. From the series America’s Heartland, we learn that the students at the University of Illinois are on the cutting edge. They have invented weeding machines that navigate the fields and eradicate the weeds. A big boom for farming and eliminating tedious chores. The robots seek out and destroy weeds by cutting them or spraying them with a solution. These robots are being programmed to run on geodata. They will operate 24 hours a day and work in harmony with each other. This means a higher yield for the farmer. When crops don’t have to compete with weeds, the results are quality grain and higher yield.

I could use on for my garden. How about your?

I also wrote an article at my Charlotte History Examiner site about the future cash crop of the South.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    I just hope they can tell the difference between a seedling and a weed – the last gardener I had certainly couldn’t!


  2. Catherine says:

    When they make one for the home garden I’ll be first in line 🙂 Pretty cool invention though for the farmers!


  3. Philip says:

    Hi anna!
    I love this post.
    By the way, I cannot get onto Blotanical.
    Can you?
    No–I can’t. Stuart was making a lot of changes. I wonder what happened.


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