The March NC Snowstorm of 2009 Stunning


As promised,I took these photos of the snow covered landscape as the sun was coming up. I knew that was the only opportunity to see its full beauty. I remembered how the sun causes a fog to rise off the snow as it warms the atmosphere. It’s doing that now and you can not see the landscape as it was just 30 minutes ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful today. The roads are very slick. Our town did a good job of removing snow but it’s been a constant freeze and thaw situation. One minute it’s melting and the next freezing. Tonight it will be in the teens. There doesn’t seem to be much damage in my area even though I heard lots of branches breaking last night. We never lost power but there were 7,000 without. I don’t know if they have it back on. Enjoy the pics! I’m just west of Winston Salem, NC. I think we got 4-6 inches of snow.








This is right out in front of my house.

I’m witnessing something very odd right now. There is a difference in the temp when the sun is out and when it goes behind the clouds. The affect that is having on the trees is strange. They are starting to lean a great deal. I’m guessing it’s because as the water from the surrounding trees  melts as the sun comes out it lands on the next tree where it refreezes. I’m going to take a picture of that in just a minute. You have to see that. Ok–on with the show.


That’s not slush on the road….it’s frozen.


I guess I’ll give MrD the day off working on Copper Top Cottage.


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  1. Betty says:

    Beautiful photos!Thanks for sharing!
    Awwww, thank you.


  2. joey says:

    A fairyland, Anna … your photos, lovely!
    Thank you. I’m sitting here looking out and enjoying every minute of it.


  3. Benjamin says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I’ll take some of that! Reminds me of groinw up in Minnesota. It won’t look like that for long, I’m sure. That weeping tree is very pretty–is that some sort of mature crab?
    Thank you. It’s a weeping cherry tree. Pretty cool huh? Wait till you see it bloom. It was the first sight that greeted us to our new home last year. It was in full bloom the week we moved in. In fact, with all that snow it almost looks like when it is in bloom. Yes, the snow is melting quickly even at 26 degrees. It will go through this long process of freezing at night and half the day until about Friday of this week. That’s not so long–in fact, just long enough.


  4. Ginger says:

    Thanks for posting all the beautiful snow pictures. We didn’t get any in Wilmington, although I had my fingers crossed. But I enjoyed seeing your yard!
    If it didn’t come our way and scooted East we would have been robbed and you’d be searching for boots. I don’t have boots anymore. Just have not needed them and won’t be getting any for one lonely snowfall a year. MrD had to search far and wide to find his gloves. Same thing will happen next year. It’s like tape. You never know where it is till you need it.

    My brain has gone on vacation today—did you ever get that email I sent you. I said thank you and am so glad you like the post about Wilmington.


  5. Darla says:

    Just beautiful and I like how you explained the differences in the temp with the sun in and out. For us a little futher south, we haven’t a clue!!
    Thank you. We had more limbs fall off due to the down trickle of the snow and water to the lower branches. The weather channel is saying our temps are 26 but my gage says more like 32 but it’s in the sun. It goes down about 5 degrees when the sun hides. I guess if it was 15 degrees like it’s going to be tonight—that wouldn’t come to play and there won’t be any thawing but there will be the refreezing of water on the roads. I bet school gets cancelled again.


  6. Racquel says:

    Wonderful views you captured Anna! I do love the magical feeling a new snow gives the landscape, but I’m glad when it’s gone. 😉 Nice of you to give Mr D the day off, lol
    Thank you. He earned several days off but I don’t want to spoil him–too much. He is so good to me.

    I hope your grandpa is doing better today and every day. You are so sweet to take on the responsibility of having he and your grandma in your home. Big hugs for that.


  7. Ah! You have blue skies and sunshine! All of my photos look like they are black & white! It’s still very grey here. You got twice the depth than here, I think.

    Beautiful photos!
    I had to look on radar to see how come you still have cloud cover. Ah, I see, a pesky leftover cloud is your way. Your gardens are beautiful again! This snow doesn’t look as deep as the first one you posted about. We missed out on that completely. I love your garden gate before and after the storm!


  8. Gail says:

    Some people have all the good snow! Anna your photos are beautiful! I would love to be sitting there with you —wouldn’t coffee and conversation be fun! Looking out into the brilliant beauty of new snow! Have a delicious day my dear~~gail
    Thank you. MrD was home for lunch and he said quite a few people in our town have power outages. But our Duke Power is on the job. What a great group of people. We saw them sitting Sunday evening at several locations just waiting on the call. They were ready and have responded quickly. Opps…I meant to add that yes!, I would love to be sitting here with you.


  9. Phillip says:

    You got way more than we did. Your photos are absolutely stunning!
    Thank you. Yes, we were in some kind of corridor according to the Weather Channel. I believe it as we had big fat flakes for quite some time. It’s so laden with moisture that the kids are making some pretty beefy snowmen. I guess you can call this fat snowmen conditions.


  10. What a beautiful winter, er, make that spring (?) wonderland!
    Not at all unusual for NC. When I was a kid, we had this mess every March. I guess it’s a trend. I kind of like it. We have a mild winter except for March and then we get it over with in about 3 weeks.


  11. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, I did enjoy the beautiful pictures, thank you. I think you are like us, we don’t often get snow but when we do it causes havoc but it is lovely to take photos of! Your garden will enjoy the water as well. Glad to see Copper Top Cottage is taking shape.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    Thank you. Sylvia, I just got up from a 3 hour nap. I crashed just as you were posting this. Even I can’t stay up forever. I enjoyed my 24 hour snow watching marathon. It has broken a few more branches while melting. It sounds so eery as the limbs crack from the trunk and fall to the ground. My garden is thrilled to be getting the moisture. I hope we finish Copper Top soon but every weekend brings rain or business of some other sort.


  12. Les says:

    Are you North Carolina or North Dakota? Beautiful pictures Anna. We just got a dusting here near the coast, but 20 miles inland it was more. I am not looking forward to tonight’s lows.
    My son lives in Virginia and he just called to tell me that they got about 6 inches. He is in the northern part.

    Ha!, this does look like ND in May maybe. I lived in ND for 4 years back in 80 to 84. My kids were born there. We call them NoDaks.


  13. Catherine says:

    That is a lot of snow, it looks so pretty with the blue sky behind the trees. That was nice of you to give Mr. D the day off 🙂
    Enjoy the snow and drive safe!
    It’s gobs of snow isn’t it? I took 300 pictures today and one video. I sound like I’m completely out of breath in the video and have a mouth full of marbles. It’s cause I was cold.

    I let him go to his other job which takes him away from Copper Top but keeps us fed and clothed.


  14. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I am so JEALOUS! I was so hyped up for snow, and all we got was rain. Your pictures are gorgeous and I’ll live vicariously through those. You lucky girl!
    Thanks for the link to hoe and shovel. I love it!!
    Boo Hiss about no snow. See in NC they do snow right—we have it for a day or two and then we give it back to the ponds and rivers. I bet it’s all gone by Thursday and probably done for the year. One good photo op and 2 days for the kids to enjoy. Perfect! Glad you liked Meems site at Hoe and Shovel. She is the caladium queen.


  15. Phillip (UK) says:

    Now that is what I call Snow. Hope you can get out and about though and it doesn’t do too much damage.
    Thank you and I love the snow too cause it will be gone by Thursday…I think. It doesn’t seemed to have caused any damage around here except for a few broken limbs.

    This was a very heavy snow and there was a major car pile up on one of the interstates. They said people spent the night in their cars as the line was 30 miles long. People are being taken to shelters today. The weather channel was giving that info. I don’t even have the TV turned on right now. They just keep saying the same things over and over.


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