The All White Garden


I think a white landscape is so attractive and a part of me always wants to do this. Isn’t it quiet and peaceful. The small white flowered bush is Diamond Frost Euphorbia and the petunia is Supertunia White. Both are Proven Winners. P.Allen Smith decorated a garden in white roses.


Below is Wandflower by Proven Winners



The Stratosphere White above will bloom all summer like this. It will dance in the moonlight and catch some of the light coming from inside the house.

Most of us work during the day so having a lot of white in garden extends the brightness in to the night. You’ll have more hours to enjoy your garden.

Watch this Moonflower open! As the video above says—-have a party around the opening of your Moonflowers. Let everyone pick a time and the exact winner gets a door prize.

I especially like White 4 O’Clock Alba seeds and Select Seeds carries them. It is hard to find a packet of pure white. They usually come in a mix.



The Spirit Cleome is from Proven Winners

Now what other white would you add? Why was I thinking about white today? Because we are expecting snow any minute! I do mean any minute! Our temperature just dropped to 31 degrees. We are suppose to get between 6 and 12 inches. It’s our first snowfall and not unusual at all for NC. Many a year, March is our worst month. March is truly a lion in my part of the world.

I like the moisture as it is badly needed. Several weeks ago, there was a snow just east of us but it missed our area completely. April will come and it will be in the 60’s. Last year was a hot one and we don’t want to repeat that for this summer. We don’t want that drought either. I am hopeful that this summer will return to the great gardening weather that NC is known for.

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  1. Ginger says:

    No white garden is complete with out a gardenia. I love moonflowers also, we always plant the vine variety. They are so beautiful when they bloom.


  2. The white garden is stunning! I especially love the white petunia; I hope it has a strong fragrance. I am drawn to petunias for their scent as much as for their beauty.
    Happy Snow Day!


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    When I have built white gardens, like at Sissinghurst, I was always surprised how many different shades of white there are, and they don’t all mix together. Great thing to try though.
    Really? Now that surprises me but I trust your advice greatly. I’ve attempted one white garden but it wasn’t full of variety. I’ve done some containers in white but there was enough greenery that it worked. Glad you commented on this as your experience is far beyond mine. I love that about this blog. I am appreciative when I get this kind of opinion that comes from lots of times getting it right and wrong. What better teacher is there? Thank you

    I’d love to see a comparison of two white gardens—one tastefully done and one mismatched. This is just the sort of challenge I love.


  4. Hope the snow missed you, Anna; so far it’s not being too rambunctious here, and we even had a melt that gentled things down a bit.
    I love the white plantings, and they show up so nicely in the evening!
    I bet you are getting hit now or soon with the same storm!


  5. Racquel says:

    A white garden is such a lovely place to enjoy on a moonlit night especially if it fragrant. We might be getting some of that snow too, but hopefully not as much as your area is predicting! Stay warm!
    Sorry it missed you. I am loving it! I do prefer flowers with a scent too.


  6. Rebecca says:

    Anna, I LOVE LOVE LOVE white in a garden. Especially at night when it seems to glow. My husband and I were just talking about this very subject a few days ago when we were looking at white caladium bulbs at our local garden shop. I have a shady place garden that I love to fill with white impatiens. We’ve contemplated just filling that area with white caladium bulbs and just plugging in a few impatiens each year. Your post is so inspiring!
    I’m glad you liked the link I sent you for I love caladiums too but they aren’t perennial here so I don’t invest in too many a year.


  7. Darla says:

    I like some white, it is great a night time your right. Snow, you go girl! None here in North Florida……..windchill in the low 30’s all day today though…….brrrrrrrrr.


  8. I love your photos and flowers! I have white flowers on the brain too and just posted a possible list for a white cottage garden.
    Thank you and I was checking on your choices and you’ve done a very nice post about them! Thank you for stopping by. Love that name Daffodil Planter.
    Go see her post everyone!


  9. Catherine says:

    My daughter and I tried to do a type of moon garden with lots of white flowers. That way we can have a small all white area, and the rest of the gardens are very colorful.
    That sounds like a very good idea. I may try to do a small white garden or pastels around Copper Top Cottage


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