It’s Snowing Finally!


====Edited to show you the storm results as they happen if I have power. This is the 3am update. I am just west of Winston Salem, NC. I started this post at about 9pm on March 1st 2009 and you can see the results. I will update later today–March 2nd.

Finally!, we are getting some beautiful fat flakes. How come it came at night? It almost always comes at night in my part of NC. The day temps are usually too warm that’s why…errrr. Tomorrow it’s going to be 33 degrees with night temps of 16. This means a refreezing on the roads and I bet school will  be out till Wednesday at least. The snow plows were out just a bit ago cause they like to get to it before the traffic packs it down.

I think we have three plows for a town of 20,000? They unhitch from the trucks and stay stored most of the time. I don’t think we have salt. I really don’t know? Will Morton’s do? Is it the same as road salt? I think we have some brine that is put down before the big event. That didn’t help tonight as it has came down fast. The flakes are huge!

Oh–and on the 7th of March, 72 degrees! See….crazy NC weather.


There’s my River Birch naked and freezing! All those little green shrubs are dwarf Cryptomeria. And under all that snow is a nice fat layer of newly spread leaf mulch soaking right in to the ground. Perfect timing huh?


This is where MrD is sleeping. I told him to keep the plants warm and he wasn’t coming in till they were all safe and the snow had been dusted off each branch or the house payment comes due.


This was about 4pm this afternoon.


And tonight after it got good and cold. Wow, I think my outdoor temp gage says 37 degrees. And you thought it would only snow at 32—silly you!


I told MrD that he could only come in when it got to 38 degrees……unless….I need to borrow some money for food, clothing, plants, flowers, dirt, fertilizer, and other things needed to sustain life.

Ok–I’m off to read your blogs! I’m starting with Nancy at Soliloquy. She had this snow meme going but I think she took it down cause she figured everyone already had their first snow. Cameron reported about her snow in NC but we only got a few flakes with that storm and I don’t count that one. This is our first real accumulation of any kind.

++++++ Added several hours later to say…..The trees are breaking around us. I’ve heard several crashes. I looked outside and our evergreens are not looking too good. The snow is still falling and very heavy. Here is my River Birch from the picture above. Our power is flickering. I bet it goes out soon! I may not make my planned blog rounds.


If this is the River Birch, can you imagine what it is doing to evergreens?


Same tree and below are my Wax Myrtles out back. I can hear limbs popping all around us. It sounds like firecrackers going off. I can hear the trees moaning and groaning as if they are in the throws of childbirth. Looks like the snow will let up in about two hours but the wind is picking up a bit on the back side of this storm. That is causing some problems. I bet this looks awful tomorrow in the daylight. Imagine what this is doing to the Evergreens. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a heavy snow like this. The trees have had too much time to mature.


It’s almost 3am. The snow started falling again on the back side of this storm and the wind is whipping up again. Our storm warning is until 9am East Coast Time. Looks like it’s about done according to the local radar. Unless….it stalls or the back hook of the storm grows larger. On radar, it looks like a hurricane swirling around. I’m on the west side of Winston Salem, NC. I took a video but it’s too dark. I’ll try to lighten it up some. I’ll be out first light to see the beauty and the damage. It is georgeous out right now. The snow is glistening under the streetlights. Here is the last tree update. I did shake the tree once earlier this evening but it didn’t do any good. So far, it looks like we’ve gotten 4 to 6 inches.

Here is my River Birch at 3am. It actually could bounce back. If not, it will grow from the roots.


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  1. You weren’t going to miss this for the world, were you!!? LOL! I did go outside late last night and snap a photo, but I just stood on the porch! And I was up w/hubby at 5am because I wanted to see how pretty it was…and then of course I was out in my slippers and pj’s on the porch, standing in the snow…snapping photos! BUT I wasn’t up all night long ;-P

    You weren’t kidding when you said reporting live! That birch looked pathetic down there on the ground; glad to hear he’s sprung back up again;)
    My birch needs a lot of sympathy. She’s a bit crippled but with some splints and crutches, she’ll recuperate. She said she was minding her own business and feeling healthy when a bad cold came along and knocked her off kilter for a few days.

    I was not going to miss this event for nothing even if they were giving away free chocolate by the truck loads. I was out in my jammies too during the night. No one was out but me and the night lights.


  2. Racquel says:

    Hope you didn’t lose power Anna! That was my main worry last night when it started blowing & snowing here. Our neighborhood is old so if the wind blows the wrong direction our power flickers on & off. 😉
    We didn’t lose it but lots around us did. I glad you didn’t. I was cold last night. Here comes the snow plow again. Boy they are sure on the ball.


  3. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, this is a lovely post, tells us the story of your snowy night. I look forward to the next installment – I just hope there isn’t too much damage. I agree with Deb a lovely picture of you, you look so happy.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    Thank you. I’m about to crash. I was scared to death I’d miss the sunrise so I stayed up all night listening to the limbs pop. I can’t figure out what was popping cause the only damage is to my very young trees. I think they will bounce back. Both trees are kind of willowy and could be shrubs if I didn’t have them trained to be trees.

    I wanted the sun rising on the tops of those snowy trees. I might not have another day like this for years.


  4. Marnie says:

    Hi Anna, isn’t it beautiful. I hate to hear it’s causing so much damage. I remember the ice storm we had when I lived in Huntsville, AL. It sheered off one side of our beautiful spruce tree. Of course it never recovered from that. Good luck.
    Our Bradford pears get sheared like that. They look pitiful. Looks like it just needs to be taken down. Not too much damage here. They myrtle and birch are recuperating and will mend. It wasn’t looking or sounding like that last night.


  5. Janet says:

    Anna, Looks like you all got more heavy wet stuff than we did. I have not seen a birch bend quite like that before. Hope it doesn’t break.
    It didn’t break. Both the birch and the myrtle are doing nicely. MrD brushed the snow off and we’ll add supports tomorrow and leave them for a few months. Once the trunks are a bit bigger they’ll support themselves. I’ve had several River birches and never seen one do this.


  6. Randy says:

    We got our first snow this weekend too! But, not nearly the amount you got!


  7. Peggy says:

    Snow pictures always look lovely but you cannot see the damage caused.We don’t usually get snow here in the south of Ireland but this year we did although not as much as you. I smiled when I saw the title of your previous post! You should have kept the ‘white gardens’ for this!Here in Cork the city is built on hills which means in any snowfall we come to a standstill! I hope you do not lose power and enjoy the snow
    Thank you and we didn’t lose power! But our neighbors did just a few streets over. Funny how the electrical grids work. I’m from the South and only live about 30 minutes from where I grew up but I’ve lived all over the US. I’ve lived where the hills were for sledding when there was a snow event of even one flake. I laughed too as the snow came down and made my gardens white 😉


  8. Melanthia says:

    Ahh, first snow is always lovely. Sounds like you got the heavy weight stuff we always get. It ‘s sad when it takes out trees and shrubs. You two looked like you had fun, though. We’re those pics taken at 2 a.m. because you look much more awake than I would.
    That time frame is confusing isn’t it? The first pics were taken around 10pm. MrD was still up and I still had make-up on. By 2am I had washed everything off and headed off to bed until I got the camera bug. I went outside and took pics instead.

    I am a night owl. I often go to bed at 3 or 4 am and get up at 10ish. I didn’t do that when I worked but it’s my preferred time schedule. I am not a morning person and never have been. I think it’s cause of allergies. Takes me forever to quit sneezing and get the meds in me that make you feel like your nose does not rule your life.


  9. Phillip (UK) says:

    Very sorry to hear about the trees Anna – hope you still have some power. That sure looks like heavy snow. Mr D will be busy with the shovel and yard brush today.
    Not much clean up as I stressed about last night. I did try to wake MrD and tell him I was scared. He rolled over and never became fully aware that the forest was crumbling around us. He knows I exaggerate. So in a few minutes, he was back snoring again while I was in jeopardy of being struck by flying forest debris. I didn’t want my tombstone to read—She died blogging in the great heavy storm of 2009. I want to die Paul Revere style. Instead my tombstone will read—She was an organic gardener who passed from this world while tending to the hearts of her friends.

    When I was out taking pics this AM, I told my neighbor that MrD decided not to wake up and rescue me. He said–no need–there is no way to catch the falling branches. I laughed like a fool then and now. That just struck me as really funny.


  10. You two look like you are having fun with that snow! Congrats on getting the mulch down before the flakes fell. Now, NO salt, it will kill your plants–put down sand on your walkways. I know, as if you have a bag of sand sitting in the garage…. I hope the snow stays at the “cute” stage.

    Nice to have met you online today and thank you for the link. My husband grew up near Asheville, NC and we visit NC every 3 years. Last trip we flew into Charlotte and spent the night in Davidson, which we enjoyed. Lots of men in his family have gone there.
    So glad I got that leaf mulch down. That stuff takes a month of Sundays to soak up moisture. This steady rain and then slow melting snow couldn’t have been better.

    My MrD lived in Asheville for a short bit and we vacation there on occasion. It’s so close that spending the night is saved for a romantic night out. The snow is going away but thanks for the tip on the salt. I have lived in cold and snowy climates while we traveled with the Air Force but never had to put salt down. We had to shovel the fluffy stuff quite a bit in those states but it was dry and easy to move. This stuff is like heavy glue and it’s going to turn to ice tonight in those places that didn’t dry up.


  11. Deb says:

    Anna, what a lovely picture of yourself. Thanks for the snow pictures. We will not have any this year, unless there is some kind of mother nature freak out.
    Thank you tons! I bet this will be the last snow we get. It’s a welcome sight cause of the much needed moisture. My new grass is going to love it.


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