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  1. Debbie says:

    Daffodils …. ahhh! They are peeking up out of the ground and I’m counting the days until I see them again. I ADORE daffodils!


  2. iona says:

    Fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day . . . I am forwarding this post to my daughter, Heather. I am a huge fan of china with floral patterns. I still have my mother’s china which I use everyday and it makes me smile!! It’s a Dresden floral called The Stafford by Hutschenreuther. Lovely blog, I’ll be visiting often. Thx
    Oh goodness, if you like China and floral patterns—you are going to go nuts at Replacements.com. Any time I need a unique plate—I head there. It’s not far from my home so I can go pick them out in person too.


  3. Nola @ the Alamo says:

    I never knew the bulbs were toxic! Live and learn. They are blooming in full force here (N Central TX, zone 8a) right now and they are spectacular, as usual!
    It might snow on ours this weekend.


  4. jgh says:

    My mom is getting orchids this year, but I LOVE that basket you pictured! I have lots of different daffodils in my garden – only about an inch out of the ground so far, though.
    Hope! I love to see hope coming out of the ground just when we are sick of winter. Of course then I’m glad to see winter when I’m tired of pulling weeds. I like the basket too.


  5. I should hint to someone to give me the Daffodil book for Mother’s Day.
    I want the daffodil book too. Let me know if you do get it.


  6. Jan says:

    A good reminder to think ahead if something special is needed for Mother’s Day.

    Always Growing
    Mother’s Day comes the week of my birthday so my kids usually combine the two. I sure don’t mind.


  7. Janet says:

    Think I am heading over to Brent and Becky’s today. They should have some of the daffodils up and blooming now. Made myself a promise to go and do more in my area…Brent and Becky are within a half hour. Love the dishes!
    I wish they were a half hour from me. I’m going to order from them in the Autumn.


  8. Darla says:

    All of these are good gifts!
    Pretty cool huh?


  9. Oh, that Nantucket basket….
    I’m not surprised us gardeners are nuts about the Nantucket basket.


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