Diamond Frost Euphorbia Combination


I tried Diamond Frost Euphorbia two years ago and fell in love with it. This year it grew very large in the garden. I suppose it was about 3ft x 3ft.  Previous years I had used it in containers with much success and I wanted to see how it would do in the landscape. I was not dissapointed and will be purchasing some again this year. It sells out quickly in the nurseries so get it early. We had some come to our nursery and sold out that day. We reordered and it sold that day also.

If I was a nurseryman, I would pot up a bunch of them in different combinations so people can see what to do wtih them. I did that when I was working at one and the display kept selling out. Most people who have grown it don’t need ideas but getting more people hooked is the key. It’s one of those plants you can suggest to any gardener cause it’s going to wow them. It grows big and bushy with little white delicate blooms from first bloom to frost. The deer don’t like it either. I know cause I have a lot of deer.

If you’ve noticed, my blogroll is back up. I had taken it down not wanting to hurt anyone who wasn’t on it. Well—I lost many of my readers and people were missing my new post. I took some people off that never came by anymore.  So back up it went so I can stay in communication with them. I guess it’s not a good thing for your blog to take it down. Seems like I learn something every-week to do or not to do about a blog.

Just wanted to add: I don’t work for Proven Winners Plants. I’ve been growing their plants for 6 years or more and worked for a PW nursery at one time. They do give me a few plants every now and then. They have also given me access and permission to use these photos from their plant library. Last year I field tested Lo and Behold Blue Chip and few other plants. Some I was pleased with and others not so good. Mainly I promote this company because the plants that are my favorites never fail me or the few people that I do containers for. I’m passing the info along to you so you can have pretty gardens too.


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  1. Betty says:

    Anna, I saw the Diamond Frost today at HD and a female nursery staff person asked me had I tried it yet. She described it as airy and said it looks great in among other plants in a container. Only saw about 6 (4-6 in. pots of that)so it must go fast. Had two nursery staff helping me look for the Felicia Blue daisy, they had never heard of it so I whipped my printout and photo from PW website for them to see. I dropped well over $300 today; Have been out in yard all day, it has been absolutely delightful weather after 2 weeks of rain. Hopefully that will help me sleep more than my normal 4 hrs. tonight.

    I am not going to buy any other brand but PW anymore. HD also sells V*****
    and their plants are not as nice.
    Gosh Betty!!!! That’s really awesome. I’ve got some Diamond Frost and my new PW’s arrived today. I actually prefer Diamond Frost in the ground. It looks delicate but it’s a workhorse and was a top performer in my garden. I still use it in containers but you’ll love it it the ground too.

    I do have other PW favorites. I like Color Spires Agastache, the Vista Supertunia series, Angelonia, New Wonder Scaevola, Stratosphere Gaura, Senorita Rosalita Cleome, Summer Sunrise Rudbekia, Summer Sun Rudbekia, Lo and Behold Blue Chip Buddleia, Limelight Hydrangea, Pinky Winky Hydrangea, Little Lamb Hydrangea, —–how is that for a start!

    Proven Winners Plants are super athletes. They like to be fed often–at least once every two weeks. I feed my annuals with a weak solution every week. If it flowers a lot it needs a lot of fertilizing.

    I’m so busy too and doesn’t it feel good to be in the garden. I agree that it is a good kind of exhaustion.

    Got my eye on some red wave petunias. What else will you say has been among your favorite PW plants?


  2. Genevieve says:

    I love Proven Winners plants – most do well through a good long season, though Diamond Frost was one of my failures last year – it looked good for about 3-4 months then our constant moisture did them in. For the price I want them to last longer, and most do. Thanks for the inspiring photos. I love that variegated comfrey in the background. The regular comfreys spread invasively here, I wonder if the variegated ones do?
    I wonder too. I have to go look at that and find out. I bought a package of comfrey seeds to feed to the chipmunks–errrrr. They are ravenous little creatures. I hope I don’t have nightmares about them now that I’ve mentioned them.


  3. How do you go about fertilizing it? I overwintered some cuttings last year, so I hope they turn out beautiful this year!

    Love your blog
    You know, with these new cultivars, that is a good question about fertilizing. For my containers, I start with a good potting soil and add a bit of fine bark chips, slow release fertilizer, and a bit of black cow. For heavy bloomers, I fertilizer once a week with a half solution of liquid fertilizer. Don’t let the pot dry out and don’t keep it too wet. Flush the salts from the pot once a month.

    For plants in the ground—slow release fertilizer, Espoma Flower Tone once a season application, and liquid fertilizer full strength once a month or more if it looks like it needs it.

    See my sidebar for additional soil preparation for the flower beds. It’s at the bottom of my category under, Why mushroom compost works.


  4. linda says:

    It’s one of my favorite tender plants Anna, and always sells out at the nursery where I work. I love how well they bloom even in very little sun. They’re nice in hanging baskets too. I have several overwintering indoors, and they simply never stop blooming. Wish they showed better in photos though. They’re so delicate, photos seldom do justice to how beautiful they are.
    I was thinking the same things as i searched the photo library of PW, the blooms never show up as delicate or profuse as they really are. I’m glad you told me you are overwintering them. Did you cut them back and repot in new soil? I might try that next year since I’ll have the new shed. I didn’t know they would grow in shade–wonderful news! You have the best dappled light too and your gardens are simply beautiful!


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    Its obvious why you love PW, much as I love David Austin Roses. When you find a supplier / breeder as good as these, you know their plants will be just great.
    You have me hooked on David Austin Roses and I’ve got two on order. The older I get the more roses I want!


  6. Sheila says:

    I love Diamond Frost also and wrote about it last summer. It is an amazing plant for combining and I love what you have done with it in the container.
    I’ve done a million different things with it. It looks good with poinsettias in the winter.


  7. Janet says:

    Anna, I do love purple and think the Diamond Frost is a great ‘filler’ plant for containers and the landscape as well. It gives that light airy feeling.
    Very light and airy! It goes with anything and can stand alone. The perfect plant if it was just perennial.


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