Butterfly Daisy


Do you want a nonstop blooming yellow daisy? The Butterfly Marguerite Daisy by Proven Winners always grows in my garden. In fact I plant about 10 of them. They are everything the tag says and more. They stop traffic and wow those out for a neighborhood walk. They bloom early and last till frost. You’ll have to buy them early as they sell out quickly and that is why I’m telling you about them now!

Argyranthemum frutescens
Marguerite Daisy


And it looks good in containers too! Pictures provided by Proven Winners Plants


Growing Tips
Deadheading may improve appearance but isn’t necessary for continuous bloom.

Plant in sun or partial shade



Hardy Temp
30°F (-1°C)

Use in combinations, window boxes and landscaping

Spectacular bright lemon-yellow daisies all season; heat tolerant; excellent garden performance

Awards Won
2007 – Best of Summer
University of Wisconsin – Madison
2007 – Top Rated Performer
University of Florida-Winter Trials
2005 – Top 25
2005 – Top Performer
Turtle Bay
2005 – Top Performer
Kansas State University
2004 – Best of Species
Penn State
2004 – Excellent Rating
Massachussetts Horticultural Society
2004 – Good to Excellent
University of Minnesota
2004 – Superior Plant
Penn State
2004 – Gardener Selects
Penn State
2003 – Top Performer
Michigan State University
2003 – Top Performer-Fall
Oklahoma State University
2001 – Gardener Selects
Penn State
1995 – Best of the Best
University of Georgia
1995 – Top 12
Michigan State University

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderful plant and gorgeous color Anna, this container picture looks almost to good to be true!

    I hope mine will look like that!


  2. Racquel says:

    Another wonderful perennial! I’m enjoying all the beautiful photos of these winners. 🙂
    It’s an annual in my area but I still buy it.


  3. Cinj says:

    Oh how pretty. I have been eyeing up a bunch of the colored daisies too. So many plants, so little space. The painted red ones are pretty too. I wonder how it would look to combine the red, white, and yellow daisies together in a garden area. May it would be too busy looking.
    Red, White, and yellow look grand together. Plant in masses of the same color and it looks better. It is 51 here today and I just got back from a long walk. I didn’t see much blooming but you could see the blooms are ready. MrD worked on Copper Top. The copper roofing came in and it’s beautiful.


  4. Gail says:

    None stop sound blooming perfect! Sign me up! gail
    Got your name on the list!


  5. If these bloom in partial shade I’d love to get a couple. I’ll add it to the other 280-million I’m putting in:)
    I have 281 million and growing. Every time I visit a blog there is more to see and buy. The flower industry should love us.


  6. linda says:

    What a pretty shade of yellow Anna. I’ve had perennial Marguerite in previous gardens, and had actually forgotten about them until seeing these beauties.

    These really are gorgeous, with the added plus of all-season bloom the perennial varieties can’t match.
    This is worth the buy. It’s going to run just shy of $5 a plant from Proven Winners. It will out perform a six pack of flowers so I think it’s worth it.


  7. Jan says:

    I am always looking for yellow flowers for the summer. I’ll have to find these and give them a try. Thanks for the info.

    Always Growing
    I use this one every year. I do deadhead cause that makes it bloom more. It never has a down time if fed and watered properly. It looks like this from Spring to frost.


  8. Phillip (UK) says:

    Wow – what a wonderful colour and plant. I’m not sure what the red in front of it by the barn is but works a treat.
    I can’t tell what the red is either but would sure like to know.


  9. Darla says:

    Keep ’em coming!! This ones a winner too, or did you already say that, LOL.
    Yes they are true to their parent name. I have so many more to show you! I’m glad you are enjoying the flower tour.


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