The Misery and Beauty of Elm Tree Blooms



I’m thankful for the elm tree most of the time. Right now though, I’d pay $10 for a box of Kleenex. The beautiful blooms of the elm seen in the picture above and below are dangerous to folks like me. In a way, I’m thrilled because it indicates a strong sign that Spring is arriving early. Even though it makes my eyes water, nose run, head explode, and makes me want to consume large amounts of antihistamines and decongestants—I love it. 

I found an awesome article on the elms and their battle to fend off the Dutch Elm Disease. I found the article at a site called Nature Calendar that gives all kinds of useful information on the elm and its origins to our area. I learned from another online source that my area of NC  has the highest elm pollen count. Well that’s just lovely. I knew it was going to be an awesome year for our flora and fauna. 

We are coming out of a drought and every tree is battling for the open spaces created by those trees that didn’t make it. The oak is winning the battle so far. But look at these blooms of the Elm! They look pretty spectacular don’t they? 


There are some beautiful pictures of American Elms and their characteristics at Forestry  My tress are majestic and add so much personality to my backyard. I love them but do not love the pollen. Below is what they look like with leaves. My house was finished in March 08 and the grass looks better now in Feb.09. But this lets you see how big and beautiful the trees are when they are all greened up. 


And here is their Autumn glory! 


However, me and MrD do love my chicken pie and here is what we had for supper last night and dinner today. It is yummy! 


That’s right, we don’t eat till late most of the time. It’s even worse when planting season comes along and I stay out past dark. According to new research, you can eat anytime you want as long as you don’t consume too many calories in one day. I’m not going to promise that either. 

You can read about my historic chicken pie recipe at Passed Down Recipes

They always say that chicken is good for what ails you.

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    I’m sorry about the allergies too, but you are so lucky still to have Elms. We have hardly any left here and they are missed.
    I guess mine are the resistant ones and are truly majestic. My backyard would be bare without them.


  2. What beautiful elms! Sorry to hear about your allergies, though. My, that chicken pie looks delicious… it must be good for you.
    It was so good. I make that recipe about every other month or so. My mom chopped up a boiled egg and included it in the mix. My aunt used lima beans–gross. So everyone has a twist. Notice I have a thick crust–that’s what makes it good.


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