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  1. I never know what’s going to happen when I drop by for a visit :)….Wow! cool, man!
    I do change the blog alot and say about anything don’t I? That’s the real me too. I change my garden quite a bit and make it fun. I’ll be glad when my garden gets mature enough to start dividing so there will be more to play with.


  2. What a lovely photograph! I am a landscape photographer (though I haven’t had a gallery showing since i became a military wife!) I love to play with Photoshop and my floral pictures like this too, though I post them on my crafts and decor blog. Thanks for visiting my military life blog.
    I really enjoyed visiting your blog. I have a special place in my heart for military wives and appreciate you and your husband. Please come back to visit often. It is fun to play with the pictures and see what different combinations you come up with. I get carried away.


  3. Deb says:

    okay everyone else grabbed the good sixties phrases before I could get here, but that is cool.
    I have another 10 versions of it saved. This was the best one. I had a blast seeing how many ways I could distort the flowers. I started to go blind with so much action.


  4. Racquel says:

    That it so cool looking!
    It’s an addiction if you start fooling with these pictures. You want to see all they all turn out.


  5. Jen says:

    Groovy, you are way out there man……



  6. Catherine says:

    That is really cool and groovy!
    It’s far out isn’t it?


  7. Darla says:

    Wow! Not quite old enough but I think this may be a 60’s flashback. Very pretty.
    I was in High School in the 70’s and this kind of art was all over everything. I’ve seen it on young people’s clothes these days. I did another picture like this with my Japanese maple leaves from this week. It was groovy too;) I’m just so hip right now.

    I’m 50 and lovin it. I grew up the youngest of my family with a lot of old people. They taught me plenty about history and life. I was a kid living with a aunt and grandma who were born in the late 1800s. That is weird isn’t it? It’s weird to think I knew someone who lived back then. They were awesome. I like that generation whole heaps. They weren’t afraid of nothing just like YOU! You crack me up sometimes with your zeal for life. Keep at it–it’s wonderful.


  8. joey says:

    A ‘psychedelic’ coneflower?
    It started out as 9 flower pictures but by the time I was done cooking my chicken pie for dinner, it had turned in to a bit of 70’s love. I’m trying to learn my puter and what it will do. I think would make a good card for some occasion? Maybe a happy 16th birthday. Teens like this kind of thing.


  9. Phillip says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful!
    It’s groovy isn’t it?


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