Raspberry Blast


This little rocking beauty is one of my very favorite Supertunias from Proven Winners Plants. Oh my word!, I have put it with a million different combinations. I find that my hippie friends like it the best. They think it looks tie-dyed like those funky shirts and skirts we use to wear in the 70s. I agree. 

Supertunia® Raspberry Blast    Petunia hybrid     Petunia

Most importantly–no dead heading! 


Growing Tips
Self-cleaning no deadheading necessary, this is not necessarily true of all Petunias.

Plant in sun or partial shade



Hardy Temp
30°F (-1°C)

Use in hanging baskets, window boxes, landscaping and combination planters

Unique rose-pink and white flowers abound on cascading foliage; fertilize often; low maintenance

Awards Won
2008 – Top Performer
  –Ohio State University
2008 – Excellent Rating
2008 – Top 10
2008 – Top Performer
2008 – People’s Pick
2008 – Top Performers – Foliage
2008 – Best Overall Impression
2008 – Most Consumer Appeal
2008 – Silver Medal
2008 – Top Performer
2008 – Exceptional Rating
2008 – Leader of the Pack Summer
2008 – Leader of the Pack Summer – Early Season
2008 – Top 10
2008 – Best of the Best
2008 – Knock Your Socks Off
2008 – Top Performer
2007 – Hot Annuals
  –People, Places and Plants
2007 – Top 10 Performer 
  –University of Tennessee
2007 – Best Pick
  –University of Tennessee
2007 – Top Performer
  –Ohio State University Extension
2007 – Top Performer
  –Longwood Gardens
2007 – Leader of the Pack Summer
  –North Carolina State
2007 – Leader of the Pack Early Season
  –North Carolina State
2007 – Top Consumer Choice
  –Ohio State University
2007 – Les Exceptionelles
  –Jardin Daniel A. Seguin
2007 – Gold Medal 
  –University of Illinois-Champaign County Master Gardeners
2007 – Top Performers
  –University of Minnesota
2006 – Outstanding Rating
  –Disney Winter Trials
2006 – Top Performer
  –Michigan State University
2006 – Gardeners Choice
  –National Arboretum
2006 – Top New Variety
  –Cedar Rapids Parks Department
2006 – Excellent Rating
  –Boerner Botanical Garden
2006 – Top Rated Performer
  –Virginia Tech
2006 – Top Rated Performer
  –Delaware Valley college, Henry Schmeider Arboretum
2005 – Best New Variety
  –OFA Shortcourse
– Top Performer

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Racquel says:

    It does have that tie-dyed look to it Anna. Sounds like a great performer. Thanks for the info.
    You’ll love it if you have room for a good annual. I know you are buying a ton of perennials and it all looks so good in your garden.


  2. Darla says:

    I did find a place that carries these and can’t wait to buy some! My old bench says Sit Long – Talk Much, Not Live Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often. I do like that saying and may use it somewhere, maybe my potting shed. Thanks!
    After I wrote my reply on your blog, I took a second look at it and realized I had gotten it wrong. I have a saying like that somewhere around here. Since I’ve moved, I can’t find half the stuff I’m looking for. It’s in a box somewhere. I kinda like Sit Long-Talk Much even better.


  3. Marnie says:

    One of my favorite colors. I believe I’ve seen them locally so I may try them this year. No deadheading sounds very appealing.
    We are learning that not all petunias are the same. This Raspberry is a favorite with my friends as it goes with so many different combinations. And it looks happy all the time.


  4. Catherine says:

    I like that bright color, I’ve had good luck with the supertunias too.
    They are giving all summer long. They do cost a bit more but you’ll not be replacing them and they’ll give you tons of photo ops.


  5. You’re trying not-so-subliminally to indoctrinate me into the cult of tunias, aren’t you Anna? Be honest, now: worldwide domination is your goal.:-)
    I’m tiptoeing around the issue aren’t I? Is it working? I know you like the millionbells. I won’t grow a regular old tunia now. Not no way. These cultivars are hungry but worth the extra fertilizer. I prefer them in the ground and in containers verses hanging baskets. They are so thirsty that you just about have to hang over them with a watering can to quench their thirst. Those Vista’s I grew last year were monsters. I think PW breed them with Kudzu. I think they might have been too big. I don’t need that much of one plant.


  6. Darla says:

    I now know that Supertunias are NOT Wave Petunia. I just learned about the PW plants. Thank you so much!!
    Did you find a place that carried them?


  7. kathi says:

    I’ve enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful flowers, your hanging baskets are gorgeous! I try to make my own hanging baskets of course from proven winners 🙂 I can’t wait until spring!

    I hope you’re feeling better, perhaps that waffle helped!

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Blessings & Hugs,
    Kathi 🙂
    I have not been able to feel as well as I would like. I’ve had migraines for days now. I have to take narcotics when this happens. It’s kinda like my brain learns how to hurt and I have to relearn it to do something nice. It’s not fun and I miss traveling around to all my fav blogs. The waffles were good!

    I use a really big pot for these plants as they need the root room and the food. I prefer containers over hanging baskets because of the constant watering the need. I have found that a good haircut half way through the summer is the best thing for hanging baskets. I trim them up to the bottom of the pot. In no time, they bloom back out.


  8. Randy says:

    Petunias have always been one of Jamie’s very favorites. 🙂
    I always tell people that they should buy the Red in this series if they buy nothing else.


  9. Darla says:

    Just gorgeous! Are these the Wave Petunias, or just supertunias and where do you find them?
    I see that you figured it out. The PWs are more long blooming and not so prone to die out in the middle. I do think Waves do well too. PW’s take a bit more food than Waves but not much difference. Either are non stop bloomers. PWs are for sale at certified PW nurseries. You can go to http://www.provenwinners.com/ and see who carries them in your area.


  10. How very beautiful Anna!

    Take care/ Tyra
    I’m nuts about them!


  11. Phillip (UK) says:

    That is gorgeous and those baskets something to aim for. I would love those hanging outside my house.
    Sharing gets everyone excited about Spring and we sure need that right now. We’re all tired of winter.


  12. nancybond says:

    That top basket combination is exquisite. And yes, anything you don’t have to deadhead…especially sticky petunias…is a bonus. The colour is wonderful.
    The color is grand isn’t it? I am concentrating on doing masses of the same color in planters this year. I’ve done mixed combos in the past. These flowers perform so well for me that I buy as many as space will allow.


  13. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I find the self cleaning trait most desirable on a floriferous plant.
    Can’t we find a house that is self cleaning?


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