Inside the 1800s Latimer Home

This is the home of Zebulon and Elizabeth Latimer. It is an 1800’s Greek Revival and furnished with only the best from that time. The home is located in the historic district of downtown Wilmington, NC. See my sidebar category under Wilmington for more about this family.

The upstairs dining room. There was a downstairs dining room that the family used every day. It was cooler and located just off the kitchen in the basement.

Notice there is no crown molding. It was the only mansion in the area without it. Look on my sidebar under the category Wilmington. Read about Mrs. Latimer and why she made a decision not to have crown molding in the house. You will be surprised.

Mr Latimer was a Merchant man meaning that he handled the goods that came in and out of the port at Wilmington on the Cape Fear river. He was able to purchase many fine pieces of art.

Mrs Latimer’s dressing table

Mrs Latimer’s fainting couch. They tied their corsets so tight that it would make them faint and they needed to lie down until their body got use to being confined.

Below is the guest bedroom

Below is the children’s upstairs playroom.

The second story windows were designed to draw cool air from the basement and out the windows on this floor. They were also designed so rainwater would not flow in during a storm. The youngest Latimer boy carved his name in a window of this room.

See Mrs. Latimer’s modern 1800’s kitchen under my sidebar in the catagory Wilmington. You can also read the Latimer story under that catagory.  A home for the Latimer slaves. She was a very kind woman and gave her slaves a freedom not seen by any at that time. They loved her and cried when Elizabeth died.



The Latimers had two sundials. Their gate came from their cemetary plot. They took it to make a gate for the garden. I found that odd but I guess times got tough and the garden needed protecting.




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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    Love it, love it, love it. Beautiful.
    It’s very elegant and Mrs Latimer was such a quality person.


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