Copper Butterflies & Mercury Gazing Ball



Above is a copper art depiction of blue butterflies in flight. It is from the Butterfly Garden in Wilmington, NC at Arlie Gardens. You can see more on my sidebar under Wilmington. 

Below is a gazing ball at the Azalea Garden Inn of Blowing Rock, NC. More under Blowing Rock on my sidebar. 


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  1. yard globes says:

    Your butterflies are absolutely beautiful. You know your mercury ball looks like a stainless steel one does. I wonder what the difference is between those two metals. I love the reflective quality of the gazing ball. I broadens the world.


  2. Alice Urbano says:

    Would love to purchase a mercury gazing ball.
    Could you tell me the price and how to go about buying it?

    Thanko you,

    Alice Urban


    1. Alice I was just at the shop today and did not see one. I will keep you in mind if I find it.


  3. nola says:

    How lovely, such bright colors on those butterflies! I adore the gazing ball; I’ve always wanted to add one to my garden; maybe this will be the year for it!
    Gazing balls are getting more popular. I like the new pottery balls in the bright colors.


  4. Sheila says:

    Lovely reflection in the gazing ball. Some people forget that the placement is key to the beauty of the gazing ball.
    That’s right—we do need to pay attention to what is being reflected. The owners of this little Inn do a grand job with the placement of all their garden pretties.


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love those, especially the Butterflies – what lovely colouring.
    I agree and wouldn’t a bunch of purple flowers be pretty planted in a mass along side them.


  6. Gail says:

    Garden sculpture can add so much to a garden! I love copper~~gail
    You know these sculptures use to be very popular and they went by the wayside. Now I see more and more of them. Course, they are more expensive now. This one is very pretty but I’ve seen some tacky ones haven’t you?


  7. Janet says:

    I love the butterflies! Very cool.
    I had a ton of butterflies last year and hope for more again. They are so beautiful and it makes me feel blessed to have them.


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