The Aging Imperfection of a Beautiful Daisy


There is that day when they turn from fresh and new to tarnished and aged. She is just entering that stage when beauty is fading. We gardeners look at her and remember her glory days. I think flowers are beautiful in every stage of their life. Isn’t it interesting that we humans produce life in our prime and the flowers produce life in their dying. 

Jared at Pleasant Hill Rambles wrote an interesting post describing  fading blooms. Visit Jared and see his take on–Delight in Disorder. The post is titled, herrick this morning.

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  1. nancybond says:

    I think flowers are beautiful in all stages. Even in winter, their skeletal forms can be quite beautiful.
    Yes you do and have posted about it on your blog. You make everything beautiful when you put your poetry with it.


  2. Phillip (UK) says:

    “For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”
    Ivan Panin

    It is all part of the natural cycle of things and there is a real beauty in that.
    Agreed and love the saying by Panin! I am an admirer of things that have hidden value even if they have no physical beauty. Intelligence is my most favorite trait.


  3. Deb says:

    I posted a picture of a seed head today. They are beautiful at all stages.
    I took a look at your site and didn’t find it. Come back and post a link if you get a chance. I do think seed pods are beautiful and sometimes more so than the flowers that made them.


  4. Tatyana says:

    I like the name of the post! Can we age and stay beautiful? Can beauty be imperfect? Your post could be a start of a philosophical discussion. Thanks!
    I’m glad you picked up on that. I’ve thought a great deal about how beauty is looked upon during the golden years of aging. One of the definitions for beauty is–superior of its kind. If you ask a man, he would probably describe beauty in terms of what physical traits he is attracted to. If you ask a child they will say their mom. If you ask a pet, they will say their master. If you ask a gardener they will say that a certain flower is a beautiful performer. Ask a pianist and they’ll say the notes were beautiful played on the piano. As a doctor and the answer will be that the surgery went beautifully. Ask a car salesman and they’ll say she’s a beauty. The mechanic will remark that she runs beautifully.

    Some people will say a snake has beautiful markings. They’ll comment that Autumn was especially beautiful this year. A farmer will say his crops grew beautifully. A Praying Mantis performs beautifully in the garden. So the daisy above has performed beautifully both physically and visually. She is respected as she fades. She’s leaving behind a legacy and continuing her success with future generations. She ran a beautiful race and she leaves behind a beautiful record. She will die beautifully and will beautifully leave this world more lovely than when she came. Every day of her life the daisy worked handsomely at her task.

    Do you have to be physically attractive to be handsome? 🙂 Well, Ok, that’s another few paragraphs.


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