Lace Leaf Japanese Maples


These lace leaf maples are intricate in detail from near and far. Most varieties need to be grown in partial sun if you live in a hot summer area. A few Japanese maples can be grown in full sun but you need to check the tag to make sure. I’m fond of how they add interest to the edge of the tree line. They tuck just under the canopy of the trees and put this show on all summer long. I want one don’t you? 

Phillip over at Gardens of a Golden Afternoon has a written an article on Acers and has examples of them. While you are over there, browse around his blog. He has an extensive photo library of rare and beautiful plants from all over the world. 


Laceleaf Japanese maples will grow in containers, are grown as Bonsai trees, and are small on average. There is a site called

Lace Leaf Maples if you would like more information and to know the requirements for each variety. The one below is not a Laceleaf but it is a Japanese maple and just as pretty. 


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  1. Genevieve says:

    Oh, I love Japanese Maples of all kinds…. Lovely photos and thanks for the tip about this excellent-looking blog.
    I liked the sites I referenced too. Very informative.


  2. Monica says:

    I love Japanese maples and these are gorgeous, especially with how the light falls on them!
    Thank you and I love that also. They’ll be perfect in my front pots for the summer. I get dappled there which they love.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    How funny we should pick the same day to feature these beautiful Acers. They even survive my slugs and I love the Japanese look they give.
    Me too and I just added your post to my post! You have more information. You know me–I get all caught up in the way they look through the camera lens. If they survive slugs–they might just be the perfect little tree.


  4. I don’t try to grow the laceleaf maples because they tend to be a wee bit cantankerous here on the hill, but the sturdier type like Bloodgood do okay.
    I killed one by letting in fry in the sun. It was expensive too. But I have more shade at the new house so hopefully they’ll grow nicely.


  5. I love these trees, and your pictures really capture their laciness.


  6. I have always wanted a lace leaf, I don’t think they would survive the Minnesota cold. They are so beautiful.
    I’m sorry. So much of what I post about is not hardy to your area. I will try and get the sun to move that way a bit more. I have that influence you know!


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