Blog Love With Rainbow Knock-Out



Knock-Out Rainbow roses for you all. I’m sending a little Blog Love on this eve of Valentine’s Day. This is Rainbow Knock-Out. She’s a beauty and blooms herself to death. It needs to be cut back to about a foot above ground at the first of Spring. But really, I’ve cut it back at all times and it did just fine in my Zone 7 garden. It was smaller of course 😉 If you prefer Red Knock-Outs, you can read what I had to say about them here

I’ve grown two Knock-Outs and the Rainbow is one of them. MrD really loves them. 

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  1. Catherine says:

    Those are very pretty. Do they have much of a scent?
    I never noticed one. So sorry. It was really easy to grow and I never had to use any chemicals for disease or pest. They don’t like Miracle Grow on their leaves. It will kill them. I use Plant Tone and Rose Tone by Espoma. I do use mushroom compost in the Spring and I think that is a big plus. These roses have a huge fibrous root ball. You can read why I think Mushroom compost works from my sidebar.


  2. Racquel says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve wondered what this one looked like. I have the original single red ones and they are real troopers from May-December.


  3. Gail says:

    Anna, That wave length thing again! Here I was thinking about Knockouts and deciding if I wanted to get one and which one…this is the one I decided upon! It brings all the colors in the sunny front bed together and will give me flowers all summer. Have a lovely day! Gail


  4. kathi says:

    I’m counting the days until I’ll see my knockouts once again 🙂 This pink one is awesome!


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    What gorgeous roses Anna. Have a great weekend and enjoy being spoilt for a few days.


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