Crappie Fishing at The Cove



The Crappie hide up under the rocks or in the tangles of the fallen trees. You don’t need a lot of sophisticated equipment to catch one. I spent many a long lazy day in the cove listening to the silence and paying attention to the ripples in the water. If you see a few bubbles then it’s probably a turtle. The turtles come up to sun on the rocks every now and then. 


When the water is real clear, you can see all the way to the bottom of the lake. Some days fish jump out of the water and right in your basket. Other days, you got to work for it. Crappie will eat anything. I’ve used hot dogs, bread, chicken, gum drops, gum, and of course worms. Make the bait stick to the hook and place the whole funny looking mess in the water. Work the bait up under the edge of a rock. It minutes you’ll catch a Crappie or a little throw back Brim. Brim tend to be in the more shallow areas and Crappie hang out in the deep pockets. 


Take some gloves so you won’t get stuck with the scales or the hook. Take some good snacks cause fishing makes you hungry. Leave the electronics at home cause fish don’t like noise. Make sure to wear a hat with something covering your neck. All that looking down at the water exposes the back of your neck and it will fry for sure. 

The pine trees smell so good and are reflecting off the water. The little critters scurry by surprised to see you sitting there. Birds are chirping and scavenging through the forest floor. Birds are always nervous and flitting about their business. A few caterpillars make the long journey across a short distance and you can use s stick to confuse them for awhile. Hours can be passed just making a caterpillar wonder about that stick. 

Along will come a line of ants if you dropped any of your snacks. They come one and then two and then a million. Little chunks of food will be carried on the backs of those ants who wondered why they never discovered this restaurant before now. They keep inviting friends until every last crumb is toted off. Something woke up an owl and it hoots off in the distance. At the same time a flurry of activity comes off the tops of the trees as a good stiff wind interrupts a few tranquil moments. It was a welcome breeze as it cooled the sweat of the afternoon sun. 

Go on home relaxed and satisfied that nature didn’t change course while you were away. It’s still reflecting off the water and getting on about business just like it will tomorrow iffen you are there or iffen you aren’t. 

From the Sit a Spell catagory on my sidebar. 

Pictures were taken while on vacation at George Washington State Park in Virginia

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  1. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, ah crappie. Those make for some good eatin’. I hate the cleaning process, but love the fishing and eating process. You have described it so perfectly too. Fishing is such a relaxing pursuit, even iffen you don’t get any bites. Just being outside on a nice day and listening and watching, like you have written makes life seem just about perfect.
    Exactly! Fishing is a part of breathing if you do it right.


  2. Shirley Bovshow says:

    Hi Anna,
    Sound like fun catching crap in paradise! Did you travel through Virginia or did you stay a while?
    It’s where my oldest son lives. We were there visiting him and enjoying the Shenandoah Valley. Have you never heard of Crappies? I thought that was a universal fish. It’s good eating and cheap to fix.


  3. Catherine says:

    Wow that’s beautiful. Fishing seems like a good excuse to sit back, relax and enjoy nature!
    There were never many people fishing. I don’t know why. Its the best way to clear your mind.


  4. Niels says:

    Fishing and gardening has always been my greatest passions. What a delight to read your blog post! I know crappies are quite small and we don´t have them over here in Europe, but we have monster trout and big atlantic salmon. I even wrote a blog post on my garden blog about fishing for atlantic salmon. I love the pictures of the trees reflections/mirroring on the calm surface.
    What a nice comment and I am picturing you salmon fishing which is a real art just like gardening. MrD is learning to fly fish which is so gentlemanly. We love the movie, A River Runs Through It, just for the scenery and fly fishing. Another of my favorites is, On Golden Pond. So you can say if it’s got fishing and wilderness then I’m there.

    I’ll take some time today and visit your article about fishing and see your take on the sport. My dad use to take me deep sea fishing and we’d catch mackerel, sword, tuna, shark, and what ever else that didn’t get loose. Our boat was called The Evelyn. She was a Chris Craft with a big old chevy engine. I think I’ll go write about it.


  5. nancybond says:

    As long as the fishin’ ain’t crappy! Hee. What a wonderful place to get lost in your thoughts for an afternoon. Beautiful!
    Fishin’ is never crappy on a day like is pictured above. I’ve been when I didn’t catch a single thing. I’ve been when I threw them all back. Fishin’ is as much a mental relaxation exercise as it is an activity don’t you think?


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