Mary’s Abraham Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary’s Abe Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882

He called her, “Mother”.  Abraham Lincoln was devoted to Mary and on many an occasion you could see that the two were perhaps more alike than not. The President was eloquent and the storyteller of all eternity but he seemed a bit removed at times. Some regard it as callus but others see it as a way of dealing with difficult subject matters such as the War Between the States.

Mary was perceived as a busy body that cared more about being elite than being a proper president’s wife. Mary Todd Lincoln spent hordes of money on clothes, spoke her mind, ran her affairs and that of those she knew, and shared too many White House top secrets with anyone who would listen.

Mr. President depended on Mary for her excellent conversation style when she used it properly. He was grateful for her ability to entertain. He had admiration for her love of his office and her pride in the White House

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln

You can see the rest of this story at my Charlotte History Examiner site.

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  1. Racquel says:

    Hope you are feeling better now Anna. What an interesting tribute to the woman behind the man today. I didn’t know all these interesting facts about Mary Lincoln.
    Thank you and I’m getting better. I’m really tired but better. I feel so sorry for Mary. She really wanted to be liked and tried very hard to be pretty. In today’s time, she would have fit right in and probably even thought of as beautiful. She took a great deal of care in her appearance. She was a bit plump but so am I. To me, she looks like most Southern women. Her face is round, her hips are round, and she has a countryness about her. Now I love that but some in the fashion circle think you have to be super thin. I never had trouble getting a boyfriend and Abe sure didn’t mind.


  2. kathi says:

    There it is on my calendar and I may have missed it if I wouldn’t have dropped by this morning :). Abe was a wonderful man, Mary was an interesting character wasn’t she? wonderful story you’ve shared, I’ll have to read more.
    If I had been doing an article on Mary I would have included a great deal more about her and some will wonder why I didn’t. There is too much to write on her. It would take a few days to write something that did her justice. Her every day life was full of things happening both good and bad. I guess I most admire her for loving the office of the presidency and taking care of the less fortunate. She loved the slaves.


  3. James says:

    Morning Anna. I hope you have recovered from your, very astute and entertaining, hand ponderings. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day? There is a quiz about their similarities and differences on the BBC Website here
    Both were very smart men. I did know they were born on the same day.

    A quiz sounds fun. I’m not telling my score. I had a good time palm reading at your site. What a fantastic idea to take pictures of all the hands that have shaped the most famous gardens. You can sure tell that you have played in the dirt. As I sat looking at all the hands, i almost cried. It was so personal and somewhat vulnerable which made it that more appealing. One account that I read of Mary Lincoln’s hands was that it was noted she had large forearms. Most gardeners have healthy and toned forearms and that would be most attractive today. I wanted to slap the man that made the comment about her.


  4. Phillip (UK) says:

    She was one of 15 children she was probably glad to have the White House to herself. The White House in the 19th C had one of the best Conservatories in your lovely country.
    I wanted to say so much more about her but my focus was how he responded to her. I’m sure I’ll re-visit this topic and I hope it starts a conversation at the Examiner. I’ll love to debate if she was crazy or not. She actually did some pretty amazing things but she wasn’t popular about it. As I read the source for this article, I was thinking—give her a break. I’ve read more positive things like how beautifully she decorated the White House, how attentive she was to slave needs and raising quite a bit of money for them, and fun her parties were. She came from a wealthy family who owned slaves but she wasn’t for it. She believed in what her husband was doing.

    Her daughter put her in a mental instution because she went nuts after Lincoln died. It took her a month to move out of the White House because she was in such a bad state of mind. She was broke due to the amount of money she owed. When Lincoln died the creditors came calling. She had said earlier in her life that she would be in bad shape if he died. She was keeping her purchases from Abe and making the shop owners give the stuff to her out of gratitude. She felt her husband’s service to the country was enough to take what she wanted.

    I’m reading a wonderful book right now that I started 20 years. It’s the life story of Martha Washington. She was a quality lady. I’m loving that book. She was very classy and everyone loved her.

    We did have pretty gardens at the White House. We still do but just not as grand or edible. No staff to take care of a big garden—we’ve got to build golf courses in Fla—not sorry I said that last part.


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