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  1. Rebekah Benson says:

    My daughter has been clogging for a few years and she has a pagent coming up and we were wondering if you would share your Redneck girl clogging dance. its the perfect length for her talent time. I will not share this with anyone else, she just loved the routine. we have not been able to locate it anywhere on anyones site so i am assuming you did this yourself and it is fabulously done. we live in oklahoma and this is not a song that is used much. thank you so much


    1. Rebekah, this video is on youtube and I am just sharing it. I’m sorry but it does not belong to me. I wish your daughter the very best.


  2. I enjoy this much better than Mayan,Aztec,Zulu ethnic dancing. Since I lived for a couple of years
    in the South as a freedom fighter, I got to enjoy the people, cooking,Sweet Home Alabama,bourbon and the tropical like vegetation.

    Until then..
    Raul there are many definitions for the term freedom fighter. Could you explain to me what you meant.

    I do love the Appalachian culture and our folksy way of doing things. I’m learning to clog and it’s very aerobic.


  3. Jen says:

    Wow – clogging has changed a lot since I did it. Especially the clothes! I doubt we would have gotten away with tank tops and short skirts. We were always in western wear.

    Looks like a blast!
    It has changed a lot and I’m not the age that could get away with that little bit of clothes. I am glad to see young people involved. The group from Mars Hill NC is very good.


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