Morning Coffee With The Birds


When planting our front gardens, we gardeners think of strolling with a cup of coffee on a sunny morn. We think of how the sun streams through the trees and how we will sit upon the bench. We’ll watch the birds flick the the leaves away in search of a worm or seed. The non- blooming is just as important as the fading blooms atop the branches of the hydrangea. What is beneath our feet along the path is pleasing just as well. And even if not a single one knows our joy, we and birds will have delighted there. 

From my Breakfast with the birds series and the Wilmington collection.

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  1. kathi says:

    Wonderful posts! I love coffee with the birds. I am jealous you are probably outside right now! I have been reading and reading what I’ve missed while I was ill. Your shed is coming long quickly now, I can’t wait to see it completed 🙂


  2. Marnie says:

    That’s how I begin most of my spring and summer days. I stroll thru the garden with the pruners and snip anything interesting to put on my desk at work.
    That’s a good idea. Go clip something every day is a great way to stay connected to your sanity and your garden. Many artist feel a need to physically touch their work every day and I think gardeners are the best kind of artist.


  3. Lola says:

    It’s such a lovely feeling to be able to sit in the garden with a cup of coffee or even later in the day with ice tea. I have a glider swing under the extended roof of my little shed so I can sit there anytime. I used to take my coffee out there every morning. A good time for reflecting on the garden. Or just to soul search.
    Coffee with the birds is the best way to sort out the plans for that day. I have 3 swings and all see something different. I like my front porch best.


  4. Dave says:

    For a second I thought you were feeding the birds coffee! That is such a simple pleasure, to sit in the garden with a cup of coffee yet it is always a special one.
    They might like a good strong cup of coffee in a nut flavor.


  5. You’re garden mission statement is up at Gardening With Confidence – check it out and Thanks! Helen
    Thank you Helen and I will be over soon. I’ve been sick. So sorry.


  6. jodi says:

    Sounds awesome to me. For now, my morning coffee is held INDOORs, of course, watching the birds outside. But every day brings us closer to that magic first morning spent outside…
    I had my magic first late late winter morning today and it was glorious–beyond grand–much appreciated—awaking from the “Via Dolorosa” ( meaning great awaking from the winter heavy burdens of sorrow(( maybe not that bad)) ;))—and better than a triple hot fudge Sunday. I mean it was the cat’s meow. Perfect weather and I sat on my porches both front and back and supped my beverage. First it was coffee and then as the day went on…it was tea….then Pepsi….and now water. I can’t get enough to drink…darn decongestants. I promise that I will not keep Spring here with me but will share in due time.


  7. mothernaturesgarden says:

    It is totally a daily ritual with me…coffee in the garden.
    You must be having the same weather as us mid NCers. It’s glorious here today. I heard every bird within shouting distance. I’m trying to learn the bird calls so I’ll know if they are talking about my garden. MrD did our taxes today and he’s in a good mood. He just said we’ll be able to take a vacation with our kids. We don’t always get to!

    He is getting ready to go work on Copper Top Cottage. Last year at this time I was packing boxes to move and frantic my former house wasn’t going to sell. It sold one week before we moved in the new home. God is good! So this is the first real Spring in my new home. I’m going to go nuts.

    I am thinking that there will be lots of birdie relaxation areas. They are eating the berries off my Southern Wax Myrtle today. I need to get a pyracantha going so they can have cocktails. They get drunk off the ripe berries and fly in haphazard patterns back to roost peacefully for several hours. Almost funnier than the hollering contest at Spivey’s corner.


  8. VP says:

    Hi Anna – your post reminds me of the coffee I took with my blogging and gardening pal Threadspider last week. We were watching the blackbirds turn over all the leaves looking for food and they were so comical to watch.

    So sorry to hear you’ve not been that well – I hope you’re feeling much better nowm.

    Late dinner party entries are most welcome 🙂
    My guest for the dinner party are sitting out in the road waiting for the invite to come inside. I guess they smelled the chicken cooking.

    Those little birdies are a hoot to watch. They are so frantic and eager to turn over every leaf and twig. They give a whole new meaning to scavenger hunt. I sat out quite a bit today. The weather has to be in the upper 60’s . I put the cushions out on my front swing and watched passer-bys wishing they were me. They don’t know I have a cold/allergy/virus from Hades.


  9. Jan says:

    I agree with your comment about about finding joy for yourself in your garden. It isn’t about having a showcase for passerbys; it is about making a haven for you.

    Always Growing
    That is exactly what I like about these two gardens. They speak volumes without shouting.


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