Breakfast With The Birds


I can imagine there would be birds at my breakfast window. This is not an accidental setting. This was well thought out by someone who admires the peaceful moments a garden can bring. You and I as gardeners can understand the vision it took to create such a space. Others may look and think how pretty. You and I look with admiration for the owner of the bay window that sits in a space belonging to the garden. A space for little animals who make it home. The common passer-by may give it only a glance of admiration but you and I could write volumes about its loveliness ——-now couldn’t we? 

From my collection on Wilmington, NC

 Click on the picture to enlarge

This is a first in my series—-Breakfast with the birds.

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Beautiful, peaceful photo, Anna. I love the way the light shines on the leaves, and I love the peace of the shade.


  2. Catherine says:

    I agree, very thought out. I think most gardeners plant on the outside what they will enjoy seeing from the inside and what wildlife the plants will attract.
    I know that I plant what I can see outside. We have about 4 months that we don’t get out there much. I make sure some evergreens are part of the plan. Naked branches are nice but you got to see some green every now and then.


  3. Gail says:

    Anna, It may be right brain thinking in a left brain world! But whatever it’s called I love it! gail
    Uh, I think I got a little carried away on cold medicine.


  4. Gail says:

    Anna, I have frequently felt that we operate on the same wavelength…I was listening to the birds this morning…as the days warm they are so happy to be in the garden…me, too! have a wonderful day! gail
    I wrote the following reply to Gail while on lots of cold medicine. You think I might have been a little nuts at the time?

    Lord help you :)! I’m proud to be on your wavelength and I guess it’s not too bad to be on mine. Mine has slowed down this past year believe it or not. I used to be a terahertz thinker but some brain cells died and now I’m operatiog at about a megahertz. Normal people 😉 start out at 50 and end up at 0–well not really but it was funny.

    Some people start out at 0 and never get beyond that. I don’t stand as tall as I once did and the angle will affect your hertz too. Just in case you needed to know………there is a different formula for measuring a slightly “off” kind of person and it could be good or bad. They are called angular frequencies. I know some people on a angualr frequency don’t you? I bet they say that about us.

    I’ve always been an AC communicator too meaning my current runs both ways. Now did you get that? It all backs up what you just told me that I already know……it’s good to be traveling the airways with you.


  5. Jan says:

    This is a lovely setting. It would be heavenly to sit here with a cup of coffee and look out over such a pretty area.

    Always Growing
    I am taking notes as I build the gardens at my new home. Telling myself that little peaceful areas like this are a must.


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    Definately. Beautiful setting and cleverly thought out. I don’t see too many birds near the house as I have always kept cats but I love it when you can open the window a crack and hear them in the mornings. How better a way to wake up.
    I want a kitty but can’t keep it inside. I’m not sure that would be fair to the cat. I do have one that comes around and seems to like me a lot. I opened my windows today and let the bird sounds in. Over at you can type in your zip code and see what plants and animals live in your area. You can listen to the birds and learn their calls. I love that. My favorite is the Meadowlark and the Cardinal—ok, I like the Chickadees too.


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