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  1. Ken Lander says:

    I love your website, Anna. Serene and beautiful. Seasons Greetings, All the Best for the New Year, and may God Bless.


    1. Thank you Ken and so nice to hear from you. Hugs for the New Year and so nice that you stopped by. I very much appreciate you for that. Bordeaux is an incredible flower and continues to hold its audience.


  2. Ken Lander says:

    Hi Anna….My friend Bev is too kind! I don’t want to inflate your expectations, should you ever come by. We are the next thing to a ‘hillbilly operation’: Almost as low tech as the average gardener. There goes the ‘celeb status’! This underscores the “Hand of God” aspect of the developement, and also gives us the advantage of having to co-operate with nature more than most greenhousers would! How’s that for ‘a silver lining’!?! All the Best!….Ken
    Look who dropped by!, the king of Bordeaux. I like hillbilly and have many a relative classified as one. I think it’s good to deal with nature while breeding new cultivars under the watchful eyes of God. I know it must have been an exciting discovery. I do hope to drop by 😉


  3. Bev Reid says:

    No not the same plant, I get a new one (or 2)every year.lol
    Ken is an awesome man and believes in others. He is very proud of his Bordeaux.
    If you ever have a chance to visit,I highly recommend it.

    I am glad that you feel honored…I feel very honored to have him as my friend also!

    Bev Reid
    Nova Scotia,Canada
    OH, ok, lol–I was wondering how you would keep the petunia alive for so long. Your town is beautiful and I would love to come visit one day.


  4. Bev Reid says:

    Every year I proudly display my “Mother’s Day” Supertunia Bordeaux that I receive from Ken.He takes pride in his work and if you have a chance to go to his greenhouse you should;you won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you for telling me that. So you still have the same plant? When Ken answered my post about the Bordeaux I nearly fainted. It was like an artist signing a painting. I was thrilled. I talk on and on about the new cultivars and have never heard from the creator before. It really was an honor. I have it on my must have list for this year.

    I wish I could visit Ken. I live in North Carolina in the US. But if I ever get that way—I’m visiting for sure.


  5. ken lander says:

    Thank-you for recognizing the strengths of the Supertunia Bordeaux. It is a ‘Hand of GOD’ plant, for which I am truly grateful. Your website has a wonderful artistic quality and radiates LOVE…..well done…..All the Best to You and Yours……..Ken
    Thank you for coming back and I’m glad you are pleased. I’m more glad that you felt such warmth while you were visiting here. Thank you for the kind words. I’ll be buying quite a few of the Bordeaux for my gardens. I’m nuts about the petunia cultivars.


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love Petunias and that is a great one. Wasn’t it nice of him to comment.
    For as many years as I’ve been writing about Proven Winners, he’s the first to come by. I’m excited they he took the time to thank me. You know I loved it.


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