Sea Oats and The Beach


Sea Oats are protected in North Carolina. They keep the dunes anchored. If you pick them, you’ll get a hefty fine.

If you are viewing my weblog in Safari, the page doesn’t open completely and my sidebar will overlap the photo. I use Firefox when viewing blogs like mine.  I also have snapshots turned on. This means you can hover over any picuture and expand it in another window. You can hover over a person on my blogroll or in comments and it shows their blog. This drives traffic to your blog. It works a bit like link love. If you don’t want the pop ups to appear, move your mouse to an area there isn’t anything.Click in that blank area to get rid of the pop up.

100_1119That’s the Atlantic or could you tell by looking at it?


That is  a Jellyfish.

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    Great photographs. Sniff the ozone Anna that will clear the sinuses.
    I wish I could. I get so sleepy when sitting on the beach. I heard that was ozone too.


  2. Oh, you are making me long for the beach, Anna!

    Love sea oats — which are protected here, too. They must be everywhere to keep people from randomly hijacking them. Beautiful photos!

    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel
    Thank you Meems, I’m not myself lately as I have a horrible cold. Forgive me for not saying much.

    I love the beach too. I live 5 hours inland and can’t go as often as you do.


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