A Sea of Blue Ageratum


Ageratum is mass and other flowers blooming now at your local garden center.




There have plenty of shrubs, roses, perennials, ground covers, vegetabes, locally grown produce, cooking mixes, and garden decorating items waiting on you to visit. They have soil amendments and fertilizers. They carry the Espoma natural and organic fertilizers that I use every year. They also carry mushroom compost which I can’t live without.


Why Mushroom Compost Works

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  1. Maria Berg says:

    So many summer flowers I want it to be summer now. I found you through Jan and blotanical.
    I’m glad you found me and nice to meet you. Well I do like Jan a great deal and she has an excellent blog. I’m the night owl around here. I’m up when everyone else has gone to bed. I’ve got a ton of pictures up right now as I’m trying to upload what I have left over from 2008 to make room for the 2009 Spring and Summer pictures. I’ll be along to see you blog in just a minute.


  2. Looks beautiful — I love ageratum!

    I’m having a bit of trouble with the popup snaps on your blog keeping me from seeing/reading photos/content — and, your photos are spilling over into the right sidebar. I’m using Safari on a Mac.

    CameronEdited to say—If you drag your Safari browser window up to the left hand side of the screen and pull the bottom right hand corner of the screen with your mouse—-the screen will expand.

    I use both Safari and Firefox. Safari won’t open the screen wide enough to view the whole page. Firefox will open wide enough. The pop-ups are there for your benefit and to help drive traffic to your blog. If you hover over your name on my blogroll or when you comment, it will show your last post on your blog. When viewing a site like mine, you have to move your mouse to the side so it never hovers over the things that expand like your blog or your name.

    I hope that explanation helps. Visitors do navigate using those pop-ups and end up at someones blog due to what peaked their interest. I have actually noticed more traffic to my blog since switching to this theme. You’ll see more and more people using it as the Mac becomes more popular. I’m using a MacBook Pro. If I don’t need a big screen, I use Safari. If I’m visiting a lot of blogs, I use firefox.


  3. Darla says:

    This would be a hard place to leave! Beautiful.


  4. Tessa says:

    Ah…looks like spring! Thanks for reminding me, I need to start some more Ageratum!
    Happy Gardening.


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