Ginko Biloba On The Floor


I snapped a photo of this Ginko Biloba leaf pattern that was painted on a floor in Old Salem, NC. I want to do this on the floor of Copper Top Cottage.

Photo was taken in Old Salem, NC

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  1. Jen says:

    I did a few rugs in the last nursery where I worked. Even with all the foot traffic they held up great. I loved painting them, and if we ever have the appropriate space, flooring, I will make one for myself.

    They aren’t too bad are they? I used to teach a class on making them. We used painter’s cloth. I varnished them when we were done. It is well worth the effort. The one pictured is painted on the floor which is perfect for a shed. But I may make a painter’s cloth rug for my laundry room. That just might be pretty cool.


  2. jodi says:

    Oh, I want to do that everywhere in my house, Anna! Ginkgo is one of my favourite trees, just behind Dawn Redwood and red maple.
    Isn’t this a cool idea? I don’t think it would take too long. I like the cross hatching of the undercoat. It looks like squares. I’ve not seen a Ginkgo pattern. I guess I’ll make it. I like the colors in this piece too.


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