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Some things look better as they weather don’t you think? They form character. You can’t reproduce this kind of petina. It has to be created over time. These are the kinds of things I look for when gathering treasures for my cottage. I may take a door handle, remove a rock, or take one of the siding pieces. The three pictures above are from buildings that sit on land my family owns. I like to take a bit of history from the past and let it live in the present. I have so many ideas for old things like this. Creating a way to use them is one of my most enjoyed hobbies.

I’ll be taking one of the siding pieces and attaching 3 little vases to it. I’ll hang it on the wall and fill the vases with flower cuttings. I need some old keys, doorknobs, and hinges to fill the glass candleholders. Things are coming together for Copper Top Cottage

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    That makes me feel like I’m growing up when I see the things that I remember as being young are turning old now.

    I only have to look in the mirror Anna!!
    lol! I would like to forever stay 50 years old but then I would never get grandkids. I need some little youngins to spoil.


  2. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love reclamation shops where you get posh recycling (lol) and can find objects like these that have a patina of age and care.
    Our antiques are young compared to yours. We think 100 years is old-lol. I guess I don’t have to go far to get patina thank goodness. That makes me feel like I’m growing up when I see the things that I remember as being young are turning old now.


  3. nola says:

    I like weathered much more than things that are new. You are right, they give the object such character!
    I loved the story about your Nana, those photos were so sweet they almost made me cry. I remember my grandma’s table being set like that, three times a day! I’m so thankful for those memories, I’ll bet you are too!
    I’m glad you read my Nana story. I loved her dearly–well still do–but if she were around today, I’d be with her all the time. She appreciated all the same things that I do. How come we got to grow up and our loved ones pass on. They pass on just when we figure out how to appreciate them.


  4. Gail says:

    it’s going to be a wonderful cottage Anna…filled with beautiful found objects lovingly repurposed. gail
    Thank you and I think so too. Funny how something so simple has so much planning to it.


  5. Racquel says:

    I just love things with history, patina & weathering!
    Me too! I can’t get or find enough of it. MrD wonders why I like it.


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