Postage Stamps From Gardening Photos


The card above was created on my computer using iPhoto. I could send it off to the Apple store to be printed. If you don’t have an Apple account, you can use There are other programs out there to make cards and letter head. I like the idea of using my own pictures. Here is a cute valentine card you can make and insert your own photo. Another group of cards is called Sour Cherries. Or you can choose blank and use your imagination. Cards will usually ship in one week or less. I’ve created memory books from these sites also. 
Hallmark has some very classy cards you can make from your photos. Some sites will mail them for you also. Don’t keep those beautiful photos to yourself. Let your garden grow all year long and all around the world by sending cards and letters. 
You can create postage stamps to match your postcards or letters. How would you like your favorite gardening photos on a stamp?   Take it a step further and make the stamp too. 
Stamps make a great gift item and especially if they are gifts from you garden. 
Below is information copied from the United State’s Postal Service Site
Picture it Postage
Connecting people through pictures!®
It’s easy to turn your photos into postage online with PictureItPostage.Our features: 

  • Create large customized postage that get noticed.
  • You can match the background color exactly to your photo.
  • Frame your photo perfectly in portrait or landscape format!
  • Print as much postage as you like, from sheets of 20 to rolls of 3,000.
  • Free software to make designing and ordering your postage a breeze. 
Get Started with Picture It Postage

Picture it Postage



Make postage stamps from you garden photos. Do you ever wish you had the perfect stamp to match the perfect postcard or letter. I do. 

These are ideas to go with our Gardening Letter project! Get busy. Sign up to be part of the project and you’ll receive letters from gardeners all over the world!

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