Making Your Own Seed Packets?

tanglewood-aug08-039Garlic Chives

Current is a catalog company who specializes in gift wrap, cards, stationary, and many personalized items. I ran across a handy gadget for those of you who like to give and exchange seeds.

Dave in Tennesse, over at The Home Garden, has a Garden Blogger Seed Swap going on. Take a look and see if you would like to participate. I’m all about gardeners spreading seeds of encouragement.

To help you identify your seed packets easily, I have a nifty little gadget that will help you catalog your harvest. It’s called a Xyron 150 Sticker Maker. You can take a picture of the plant or flower, make a sticker from the photo, and attach that picture to the seed packet. It will look professional and saveĀ  you some time.

Visit Current and see what else they have. I am in no way affiliated with this company and have not received any money or items in exchange for this company plug. I’m only sharing cause I think it’s a pretty cool idea for those who make their own seed packets.

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    Never thought of this before – what a good idea – thanks.


  2. Cinj says:

    Oh, those look perfect to plant near my apple orchard. Well, I suppose 4 trees can’t really be called an orchard but you get the idea. I hear they’re good for lots of things.

    Those seed packets sound lovely. So far I’ve just saved my seeds in plastic sandwich baggies. I should do better at labelling and researching my plants, I just never find the time.
    You are like me and have been busy getting your house in order. Maybe by next Autumn we’ll feel more like doing something organized with the seeds. I’m getting ready to order more.


  3. nefp says:

    Thank You for visisting my blog. The state of my yard is horrible, but I am from Lexington,KY and I am use to stuff dieing down in October. Here it is so warm that it looks odd for all of this to be browned and “dead”. But, from what I have heard itr will all be growing again towards the end of this month.

    We’ve had a very mild winter and my weeds just love it. I don’t remember a year when I’ve had to weed in January like this season. We’ll see Spring soon enough. Are you ready?


  4. Liisa says:

    I have always wanted a label/sticker maker, but I had forgotten all about it until reading this post… what a great idea for seed packets!! I’m thinking I’ll get really organized this year and make labels, and then get a file box for the seeds, and file them in the order that they need to be planted. Thanks for the ideas!!
    Debbi at Aunt Debbi’s Garden organized her seeds like that this year. She put them in the order they needed to be planted and that is the best way that I’ve heard about. You are smart to think of it. I just moved in my home last Spring. It’s been a lot of preparing and not much time to get organized. The beds were in bad shape with that hard clay. I think my work as paid off. Looks like the soil is ready to receive seeds this year.


  5. Ann says:

    Followed you here from Blotanical. Love making seed packets. I have a MS Word seed packet template I keep handy and insert a photo of the flower from my garden. Can also insert text boxes for the name and some cultural info too. A bit compulsive but nice to include with seed exchanges.

    Love the garlic chives at the top of your page. Such lovely blossoms floating blossoms.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.
    Your MS word program sounds perfect and it would become a habit easily. Goodness knows I love to create. I am still looking for the Garlic Chives. There are all kinds but I want the one pictured above. I appreciate you stopping by and enjoyed being at your blog very much.


  6. jodi says:

    Girl, you have more energy and imagination in your little finger than I have in my whole self! These are lovely (and I see your love affair with garlic chives continues, which is also lovely.) I plan to do an article on the art of saving seeds a little later this year for one of my clients, and I think a sidebar of something interesting to do with seed packages might be in order.
    I’ll get right on it;) I have a million projects going and one of them is finding some Garlic Chive seeds. I haven’t tried very hard to find them. I hear they germinate easily and you’ll have all you want before very long. I am also looking for the hot pink Cleome and other shockingly beautiful self sowing flowers. Will I be sorry?


  7. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, I think that is a great idea. I have been making the seed packets that Nan Ondra gave instructions for on her blog Hayefield, but just write the name and year on them. I will check out the link to see the sticker maker, thanks for telling us.
    I’m glad you like the idea. The stamps are not too big. You could probably take one picture and cut it in to many pieces so at least the color will be on the packet. I’m very color oriented and it helps me to see the picture. It wasn’t expensive. Let me know if you get it.


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