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I am excited to find a photo tool in powerpoint for MacBook Pro that resizes my photos faster than any application I’v ever worked with. I was not too happy with Iphoto and it’s limitations. If you learn this process it will cut your photo resizing in half. Hope you who have MacBook have tried this.













All pictures are from my garden with the exception of the  blue background photo. These frames were designed with my new MacBook Pro Powerpoint. Mac Powerpoint was easy to use and resized the photos for me. Lots easier than they way I was doing it. I was moving them to another program and the whole process took forever. I love this new feature I discovered while learning to use my MacBook Pro. Thank you MrD!

The basic Apple Iphoto is a good file to upload your pictures to initially. Open powerpoint and select the photo you want to upload to powerpoint. After you have created shading etc, save as picture. Choose save, save as picture, option, select the size you want the picture to be, select ok. It will save to a document. Do not forget to name the document before you save.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Robin says:

    Beautiful pictures, Anna! I use Adobe Photoshop 5 on my PC. There are more steps than I care for to resize, but it’s what I have. I’d also love to find a more simple process for adding the watermark too.

    Wish I had a Macbook Pro!
    I wish you had one too. It adds the watermark in you choose to and resizes in batches. I sized these to 500 but you can make them larger. I knew you worked hard to get your pictures looking so good. You start out with awesome photos you have taken with that new camera—but then it’s a shame the process takes you so long.


  2. jodi says:

    Aha, yet another reason why I adore you, Anna, you use a Macbook Pro. I have powerpoint but rarely use it, prefering to use Keynote for presentations. I do use iPhoto and Photoshop but they’re part of my everyday work.
    I adore you too! I’m hooked and may never use any other software program for my pictures. It resizes in break neck speed. I’ll still use Mac Word for writing those articles at Examiner. I don’t trust my grammar on something that has to be so correct. But over here at the blog-er-riffic, I let my hair down a bit and just have fun. I


  3. I use the iPhoto editor and another editing program that I purchased to add watermarks.

    Off on an assignment today…
    Where are you going? I want to go! Some place good in NC I bet. I’ll be by your blog later to find out. I’ve watched the Monarch Butterly special about three times now. I get something awesome every time I watch.


  4. Meems says:

    I do crop my photos if needed… not too technical however.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel
    I am so pleased with the Powerpoint application. It makes cropping and saving as the right size jpeg—a breeze. It was so labor intensive before. We can’t have a good post without pictures can we? So we have to work hard to get them to look good. Some work is expected I think to put out a quality post.


  5. Meems says:

    Beautiful photographs. What kind of flower is that in photo #5?

    I’m still very un-technical I suppose. I still use a PC. I just load all my pictures “as is” to my blog… no enhancing, changing, re-sizing… they are what they are. Hmmmm… maybe this is something I should consider.

    Have a great Saturday… I’m heading out to the garden for the day. It is nice and cool today. A good day for moving some dirt around.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel
    I’m glad you like them. The yellow flowers in the background of number 5 is
    Rudbeckia fulgid


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    On the PC I use the free applications IrfanView and Photocrunch but these are wonderful photographs Anna, especially that last one.
    Thank you and everyone loves that last picture. It was quite a nice surprise to find it turned out so well once uploaded to the computer. Every now and then something too cool for words will happen to you—this was one of those times. I’m glad you noticed!


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