Gaura Container

slide1 Registered & ProtectedPerennial gaura is included in many of my container recipes. They are drought tolerant and you don’t have to pinch them back. One of the prettiest window box containers in my recipe box contains one darker leaf gaura in the middle and a light color leaf on each side. When you add a Surfinia or other petunia cultivar to flow over the front edge of the box–you’ll wow everyone in sight.

The leaves of gaura give as much interest as the whirling flowers. gauras come in various shapes and sizes. Check the tag to pick the right one for your container. It will bloom all summer.









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  1. I’m told I need to watermark. Was it easy? I like that you did you name plus the name of the plant, that was clever. No longer tweeting?
    I tried twitter but couldn’t keep up. I downloaded tweet deck and that was easier but that dang little bird tweets his fool head off. I do too much research to be listening to the bird. I know I could mute him but knowing he is there drives me nuts.

    The watermark was easy once I figured it out;) isn’t that true for all of life. Love this Mac. It is fast.


  2. Catherine says:

    I’ve never tried gaura in a container. It’s such a great long blooming plant. I think I’ll be trying gaura and petunia’s together. Good ideas.
    I use quite a few perennials for my bushy tall plant for containers. I’ll show you more soon.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    Thanks Anna – I got some good ideas from this. I like the combinations.
    I do like the Proven Winners containers. I take those ideas and run with them. I’ve potted up the gaura a million different ways.


  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I love the pink spangles of flowers above the variegated ivy in the dark urn.
    It’s whimsical isn’t it? Makes it unusual I am all about what’s new in containers.


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