Where to take your troubles

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Bring your troubles on cause I have a place to get rid of them for good.

tanglewood-park-may-08-145Stop and be still. You will hear the horses pulling their evening meal out of the ground. Listen to them quietly chew with their sideways chomp. See their eyes half closed and feel your eyes closing to. Give up your troubles and let the day go on a ahead and end.

tanglewood-park-may-08-156Let your troubles go on and set with the sun. Let the tree tops carry them to the out stretched arms waiting to carry the woes away.

tanglewood-park-may-08-143Leave your troubles in the pasture and head in to the barn. The people are bedding down for the night and nature knows tomorrow is still going to come.

tanglewood-park-may-08-155The evening blue sky shows the sun is laying down on the land. The horses are heading in and cats are getting ready.

tanglewood-park-may-08-157No more sun and no more troubles. They are gone and bring the  peace and cool of the night that never has any troubles. So remember to carry your troubles to the edge of the meadow and as the sun climbs the trees and heads clear out of sight…..your troubles will follow and then it is night.

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  1. jodi says:

    Lovely. I feel a tad guilty because I haven’t been out to see my horse for a few days (hubby does the chores while I’m recuperating) and he’s stuck in the barn because there’s too much ice around. (Sometimes I’m so literal in my responses!) I take my troubles to the beach and let them go out on the tide.
    Awwww–that is sad. I know you hadn’t been yourself. You need the horse as much as the horse needs you I’m sure.

    Literal is good. So when you take the troubles to the sea and let them go, do they make that dirty foam as they wash out of your system. I know when I release mine up above the treetops the national alert sirens trigger. They detect toxins in the air.


  2. Gail says:

    Lovely Anna! You are so good with words and images~~gail
    Thank you and yesterday I was good at leaving my troubles at the pasture gate;)


  3. And where is this lovely place in January? We have snow and tonight expect freezing rain. I wouldn’t mind frolicking in those fields right about now.

    Robin Wedewer
    This is the most peaceful place Robin. It’s a park close by called Tanglewood. It was built by the Reynolds family of big tobacco. It was dedicated to the county and is enjoyed by any and everyone these days–especially the deer and horses. If you walk or bike in it’s free. But if you come by car it’s a big whopping $2. There is lots more like a new pool, covered picnic tables, playgrounds, golf course, tennis courts, a Bed and Breakfast, Garden maintained by The Master Gardeners of Forsyth County NC, and a big old red barn for whatever.

    Did you need one in your backyard too? The leaves are off the trees but with our mild winter the grass is still semi-green. I have heard about all your ice. I don’t want any!


  4. Racquel says:

    What a lovely thought!
    And it’s free!


  5. Jen says:

    Me too. That was wonderful, love the new look.

    Ahhhhhh no more troubles.

    That’s right…for today, I declare it trouble free and light as a breeze. Let the weight lift off and take wings.


  6. Jen says:

    Shoot. You mean I have to go to work now??!! I’d much rather hang out here all day.
    I see you out on my swing. You aren’t getting any work done and that was my wish for you today. Just relax and the world go to ruin. We’ll fix it tomorrow.


  7. Marnie says:

    When I raised quarter horses, my time with them was always relaxing. One of the things I loved was bringing them into the barn for their twice a day feeding. The smell of sweet feed and alfalfa, the rhythmic sound of grain being chewed, the swishing of tails and contented nickers. Working closely with many of God’s creatures is soothing.
    Perfect isn’t it? These stables and fields are about a mile from my house. In the summer, I ride my bike over there and travel the back roads where it’s just me and the horses. They are so curious. But all of them are beautiful. I love your memories and bet my post made you long to do it all again.


  8. Robin says:

    A warm sunny day, cool breeze blowing, the smell of hay, the sound of birds singing, and laying on a hammock between the trees in your last picture. Heaven on earth!
    Good for us Robin….you stepped right in to the picture. I like what you saw.


  9. Cinj says:

    Things like that can be calming. I used to enjoy watching my fish swim and the steady hum of the filters and trickiling water. It’s easy to let everything melt away when you get involved in observation and using all of your senses. I don’t know how I could have forgotten that!
    That’s an excellent supportive comment to this post. I like the idea of watching fish swim and the hum of the tank workings. Keep that thought Cinj and keep it all through life. For me, it’s always a meadow. Not always the same meadow as we have many down here in NC. One of my favorites is that of The Mountain House I’m always talking about…..but then you know that, right. 🙂


  10. Phillip (UK) says:

    That was lovely Anna. I’m having rather a fraught day so that was just right.
    I was feeling that way too when I wrote the post. I’m glad it’s having the calming affect it gave me. When I get in a tizzy which isn’t hard for me, I go look at other blogs or my own albums. I redirect that energy into something useful. Big hugs to you Phillip! I hope you wake up with a skip in your step.


  11. Beautiful scene and words.


    PS I used to raise Arabian horses. My ex just put down another one who was a grand champion as a 2 year-old. But, don’t be alarmed — all of my Arabians lived into their late 20’s up to 32 years old. There’s only one left now.
    That is such a stately grand horse. It commands attention. You amaze me and all the little things you reveal explain how that discipline in life led you to such beautiful gardens. They are more work than the horses aren’t they? And just about as work to feed! I didn’t realize horses lived that long. That is quite a commitment to raise them. I had a dog for 14 years and it killed me to put her down. I can’t imagine having another couple of decades to get further attached.


  12. graceplays says:

    This is a lovely post. Thanks.
    It’s rainy here today and I’m loving it. Everything is hushed and quiet. It gives my thoughts some down time. It makes you slow down and be easy going on your way in life. It’s so pleasant to be reminded about that isn’t it?


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