Video of Copper Top Cottage featuring MrD, He Speaks!


Me and MrD have a conversation half way through the video.

Today was a good shed working day as the weather was awesome . I videoed MrD and my oldest son  while  they worked on the shed and MrD worked on it by himself today. He’s putting siding up now. We are a little behind schedule. The weather was cold and wet for a few good weeks.

I hope you enjoy the video.       ( Don’t you hate it when you hit save to correct your typos–and it doesn’t save. All day long my typos were here big as life. Very humiliating and fun isn’t it?. )

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  1. You are a very smart person!
    Thank you and I see that you have a very popular site. You had about 2.4 million viewers last month. Pretty smart marketing.


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  3. Your copper top cottage is coming along nicely…although I’m not sure if fly fishing in the back yard will help the progress LOL! 🙂 I’m sure it was a much needed break and made good entertainment for me :). You both are so cute! I can’t wait to see it all finished, how nice it will be.
    Thank you. I think MrD is pretty cute. I don’t mind if it takes a long time to finish my cottage. i would rather see the family happy wouldn’t you? I know you would.


  4. philip says:

    Lower your voice? NO NO NO!
    You have a wonderful, special voice… That is why I mentioned it.
    The sound of your voice is so charming. so Southern. We never get to hear that here, but your voice is so sweet, so happy and filled with charm. THAT is something people wopuld love to hear. You have it naturally. You have so much fun, and the combination of your natural and southern accent, yes “accent”. really sets you apart in a good way. Hello? Television show?
    Talent, smarts, creativity: FLOWER GARDEN GIRL!
    This is such a good thing to be told. I think I’ll write it on a piece of paper and carry it around with me forever. I do not like to change purses. I don’t care if it’s in style or not. I get one good and comfortable and every compartment has a treasure. Your reply is a good little treasure.

    I can’t take credit for this idea as i learned it from another teacher—it does work and I had my students do it as well. The results will change a person’s life. Randomly have the kids draw names until every piece of paper with a name is chosen. They must write 10 positive character traits about the person they chose. You collect the papers when all is done. Next step is to have the kids read quietly while you open each paper in front of them so they know you did not change any answers. You’ll skim them to make sure no one disobeyed the rules. They will all watch you intently not reading a word of whatever book is in front of them. But that is what you want them to do.

    It will take about 30 good minutes and better if you have an aid to help. I don’t ever remember anyone breaking the rules as kids usually pick things to say that they would want someone to say about them. Don’t guide them to do that but just let them express with the words they discover. Here is the best part…….put the names back and jumble them up —-walk around the classroom handing out the papers in a random fashion. Make sure no on has their own name. Have them read aloud what was said about the person on their paper.

    Since kids are all different, their answers are vastly different. And even better if you have previously spent the week working this message in to your lesson plan. I taught biology and it is easy to work it with that subject. Each child stands and first reads the person’s name they are reading about. They must make eye contact with that person. They must turn and face that person. Their body language must be respectful. No slouching, no negative facial gestures, and no negative reflection in the voice.

    Do not watch the reader but instead watch as this becomes a most desired anticipation on the heart of every recipient. You won’t have discipline problems during the reading. Kids crave approval and especially from their peers. Having the reader say all those nice things changes the reader to be more positive about the person. It changes the class because they are not passing bad gossip but instead hearing each other say nice things about each other. And it most importantly changes the recipient. More often that not kids will use some of the same phrases over and over —-but if you are waiting for a nice thing to be said about you, like get an award, then the anticipation will keep you from remembering what was said about the person before you. Excitement has a tendency to do that.

    Each recipient is told to keep the paper in a safe place forever. Kids will tell you for weeks where they hid it—or girls will make decorative boxes to hold it–or boys will hide it in a bag in the hollow of a tree or perhaps bury it;)

    The teacher who invented this has had numerous students return to her with their note still in their wallet or purse. Even after decades. Every child says it changes their life. There is one story that I must find about a child who came from the worst of situations. If I remember correctly he grew to be famous and contributed to her care as she grew older. In some way—their families crossed paths many times in a pay it forward sort of situation.


  5. Loved the video! You have a cute voice like an excited little girl! It must be nice to have helpful hands at home. My husband is not a project person-it is all up to me!

    Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Thank you and I do feel young. I have always felt that way. I am also easily startled which plays along with that personality. I get so totally involved with what you or doing or saying that everything around me goes quiet. If there is an unexpected moment or clash of thunder–I’ll jump scaring you and me both. I’ll say did that clap of thunder scare you?—and you’ll say, No!, I wasn’t the least bit scared until you pushed me over the cliff. So ok, I scare easily—we’ll I also laugh at the smallest of gestures on a person’s face.

    I can not control it. If you start to smile while telling me a story, I will laugh before you get to the punch line cause I already know it’s going to be great. I’m a horrible person to take to a movie. I gasp, laugh–although not loud—put my fingers in my ears when it gets scary–and just get so involved that I cry all over your sleeve if someone dies. I only like stories with happy endings. I am not going to see Marley and Me cause my dil cried and I almost cried cause she told me she cried. I did go see Benjamin Button and was totally exhausted when it ended but loved it.

    About that handy man…….Let’s see, we’ve been married 30 years and this is the first shed we built. He would much rather use his brain I think. He is building this for me purely out of love. I’m sure he would much rather be on a stream somewhere glancing over at his boys–and flyfishing together. He would like me and my dil to be on the shore quietly reading a book. He would have everyone in view and the peace of God around him. That is the real MrD.


  6. Jan says:

    Great video. I can’t wait to see your shed finished. It should be so nice.

    Always Growing
    It’s been many years in the coming. I’m going to move in down there with MrD of course and we’ll rent out the big house. Nights with the crickets will be a hoot.


  7. Penlyn says:

    I couldn’t pick up the audio, DARNIT! And after reading the comments, I’m going to have to fire up the other computer so I can hear it. I’m green, but it’s not the good, gardener green. I’m green with envy! (If you can admit to coveting thy neighbor, God gives you a few points to help balance the heavenly ledger.)
    Hi Penny! I’m so sorry about your freeze down in Florida. What a disaster. You mine as well be in NC.

    I am loving building my shed. It’s slow going cause it decided to get really cold for a few days. Then there was rain ever couple of days which is perfect but annoying when you need to be outside. We needed the rain badly though. It was very warm and perfect yesterday. I sat in the grass and MrD worked. I did notice lots of weeds in my back flower beds. Oh!!!!! I saw an Eagle! We didn’t have a single in NC in 1982. Now we have enough to get them off the endangered list. Woo hoo


  8. We are going to live in the cottage and store our stuff in the house;)


  9. philip says:

    This was so sweet and charming.
    Anna, you have such a musical voice and a sense of humor! You are so creative, always thinking about projects like trellis from the panes, or what to do with the dratted hinges. Your husband makes a show of being long suffering, but I think he is having a good time. You both are. So much fun, and a great record of the construction of Copper top cottage!
    Have a wonderful sunday!
    I enjoyed your video!
    Thank you! I have to work on my voice or maybe pick up smoking to lower it some. Me and MrD have a good life these days. We had to get use to each other. We are opposites are you shocked? He’s the outgoing one and I’m shy;) We have two boys and a charming DIL. I’m working on the newlyweds video now. I’m going to give it to them later today.

    Thanks for coming by as always!


  10. Racquel says:

    Can’t wait to see the end results! 🙂
    Me too!


  11. Men at work — on a garden shed! You’re so lucky! 🙂

    The most luckiest!


  12. Gail says:

    Anna, Your house is located on beautiful property. Your Copper Top shed is going to be a delightful as Mr D! I couldn’t resist that…you do refer to him as Mr Delicious! The geese in the background was too perfect! Soon Anna of Copper Top Shed will be a reality! Gail
    It is going to be loads of fun. My aunt called this week and said I could come by and pick up an old table she’s giving me. I’ve also got a few old things from my grandmother’s house that will go inside. She had one of the old tall metal storage closets for her bathroom. It’s nice and skinny and perfect for a cottage and my white curtains.

    This is the first video I’ve edited from my Mac. It was hard to learn but easy to do. I’ll be better next time.


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