A Valentine Crepe


MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & ProtectedA Valentine Crepe don’t you think? Lagerstroemia x ‘Tonto’    common:Arbol de Jupiter ‘Tonto’

I love the color pink in my garden. And because I love Valentine’s Day, the color will always makes me think of that day. Do you have special plans for February 14th?

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    No special plans here – but what a beautiful shade, would brighten up any garden.
    I’m wearing the same color today. I guess I’ve got Spring fever badly. There even hearts on my sleeves.


  2. Racquel says:

    That is definitely a gorgeous valentine shade of pink! No plans as of yet, hubby will be working most likely. Might have to celebrate either a little early or a little later.I ask for a box of my favorite cookies. He has to order them and I know he will . They are called Berger cookies. A friend of mine introduced me to them when she sent a box my way. I nearly worried myself to death over those cookies. If they are in the house, I will eat them. They are a thick vanilla cookie with a thick layer of the best chocolate on top. I don’t see that friend anymore unfortunately but giving me those cookies was a thing you’ll never forget.


  3. Crapes are so stunning, they remind me of azaleas :).

    I’m sure your ears were ringing yesterday! Sister Kelli and I were talking about you and your beautiful garden. I was telling her I want to make some of your potting soil this year. I told her I wanted to start some seeds but she thinks I shouldn’t waste my time. When she started her zinnia’s from seed they never grew as well as the seeds she planted directly in the ground…hmmm, what do you think?

    Have a wonderful evening,
    Kathi 🙂
    Oh I love when people refer to me. It’s so exciting and makes my family bigger. I remember this debate between you two. To grow Zinnias or not. Kelli grows grand Zinnias and you get powdery mildew and covet her Zinnias. i say sow them both ways. Half inside and half out. You don’t have my weather as you showed us with your call full of snow.
    Don’t crowd Zinnias and they must have lots of sun and air. I like to plant companion plants with them to help hold them up. I didn’t do that this year and I did get mildew on them. I am going to plant them with Black Eyed Susans this year. They’ll help hold each other up. I like to plant in masses of color.

    This is getting complicated isn’t it?

    Masses of color is obvious but what isn’t so obvious is that colors which play well together can be a mass if repeated in bunches. So…..I’ll have Black Eyed Susans and my lovely green Envy Zinnias in several patches all over my property. They will be planted with tall Garden Verbena which is purple—–Phlox which gets mildew too:(—hollyhocks—lantana—bee balm—and other tall perennials. I love Cleome and it germinates very well. It can be invasive once it’s established. The seed pods are fun! Cause did you know….if you plant tall things in bunches….it will look as a mass of color.

    They aren’t likely to get as much mildew cause the leaves aren’t all growing at the same height. They all get adequate light…water….wind. Don’t crowd. Mildew loves crowding. Water Zinnias early in the morning so the leaves will have time to dry. Keep the soil semi dry and well amended.

    You can read about how I amend my gardens on my sidebar under why mushroom compost works.

    Kathi—do I remember that you use newspaper to starve your weeds each spring? then you layer with mulch? STOP! I use to recommend this but it invites mildew spores and harbors bad stuff like slugs. It will cause termites too. I quit using hardwood mulch. The large hardwood mulch was inviting slugs galore. I use all leaf compost. It looks really good if you just keep adding layers when you need to.

    Oh–I just remembered something I read last night on Helen’s Gardening With Confidence blog about her Zinnias. It was really good. I couldn’t find it but have left her a message to get back with me.

    This is way more information than you needed but I want you to be successful and compete with Kelli;) You have wanted the Zinnias for a long time!


  4. Les says:

    I like all Crapes, but am drawn to the reds, especially the ones that are the color of watermelon flesh.
    Oh YES Les! Love that watermelon. I have one on my puter and I’ll fetch it soon. They sell out down here about the time they arrive at the nurseries. I had 4 at my former home.


  5. Genevieve says:

    Pret-ty! Oh my gosh do I love that color. I wish we could grow Lagerstroemias here, but they just don’t get enough heat up here in the Redwoods of Cali.
    Is it too cold? Wet? I know they can get powdery mildew badly. I spray mine with a dormant oil about right now to help keep the varmint population at bay. I currently have 4 different colors of crepe myrtles but that isn’t enough. I do have them planted in bunches so they wow ya. Some don’t bloom at the same time and some are miniatures. I want the Watermelon Red! It’s magical around here from mid July to the end of October. There is a bank on the main corner of our town and it’s got a parking lot full of them. I will take lots of pictures for you and may even post the many on my computer in a few minutes.


  6. Catherine says:

    I had never seen a crepe myrtle until our first trip to Orlando a few years ago. What beautiful trees. I love the color. With 2 young kids, the special Valentine plans will be around school parties, etc.. .heart shaped cookies, helping them sort out their valentines from school friends. Not romantic, but still fun.
    My answer to you disappeared off in to cyber space. I’m sorry.
    I love crepes too! Oh I do miss the kids being home for Valentine’s Day. We always got the box of cards and addressed them for the school kids. We ate a lot of boxes of candy hearts. You’ll have time for each other when those kids are gone. You’ll miss them like we do ours.

    I wouldn’t wish for kids to still be home though. They love their lives.


  7. Oooo that’s the exact same color as my crepe myrtles. My favoriite;)
    I had a Watermelon Red crepe myrtle at my former home. It’s a deep ruby red. It’s the most famous here in NC. They fly out of the nurseries.


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