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Here you see an artist rendering of The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum.  In the previous post, I showed you my renderings for Edgewood Cottage’s landscape ideas. The museum is to be built just behind Edgewood Cottage.  I am hoping that Edgewood Cottage will receive a grant from the Fiskars company. You can read the entire story about how I became involved with Ineke and Lowell Thomas who are part of the Edgewood Cottage preservation efforts—– here

While on a day trip to Blowing Rock in the mountains of North Carolina, I noticed that the hydrangeas were looking especially photogenic. I knew it wasn’t a chance display of blooms but rather a master pruning effort. I wanted to get to the bottom of all this work. This led me to Ineke and Lowell Thomas who are the most delightful couple I’ve ever met. The Fiskars company gave Lowell and Ineke an assortment of pruners and loppers to aid the many volunteers who take part in caring for the hydrangeas. 

After delivering the gift from Fiskars, the three of us sat and chatted for awhile. I knew that Fiskars had a grant program called Project Orange Thumb. I dug a little deeper and discovered more community results from this energetic group of volunteers. The Blowing Rock Gardening Club and The Blowing Rock Historical Society have completely renovated the first studio of Elliott Daingerfield.

I thought this cottage sounded like the perfect fit for the grant guidelines. It is a community effort and will be maintained by the community. It is open for everyone and will have ongoing efforts to attract visitors. It’s a great match for the grant qualifications. Now let’s hope they get it. 

Elliott lived from 1859 to 1932. His impact on Blowing Rock is still being celebrated today. He became a famous painter with many of his pieces in galleries all over the world. Elliott used the Appalachian mountains as inspiration in several of his works. You can see his art at the BRAHM site.  Edgewood Cottage has been restored to it’s original state in every way possible. The exterior siding was removed board by board and reversed to expose the more original look. The  boards were individually planed and reassembled. You can read about about my visit with Lowell and Ineke and their part in Edgewood Cottage here

I indicated that a museum was to be built just behind Edgewood Cottage. I think it is beautiful don’t you? It is a destination for everyone who would like to know and experience what Southern Appalachia life is all about from yesteryear to today. The BRAHM as the museum is called will house many of the art pieces by Elliott Daingerfield. 

The BRAHM is approximately 21,000 square feet of display area. The building itself will contain five (5) main galleries; a large multi-purpose community meeting room; a conference room; 2,500 square feet of educational and workshop space; a library; an historic objects gallery; an orientation theater; administrative offices; reception areas; storage space for art and historical objects; a gift shop; and an adjacent outdoor sculpture garden.

I hope you continue to follow my story on Edgewood Cottage and The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum. The deadline for turning in the grant for Edgewood Cottage’s Project Orange Thumb is the middle of February. I have lots of time to take your suggestions in to consideration for the landscaping plans for the cottage. Once I am done, I’ll present these suggestions to The Blowing Rock Gardening Club. My renderings are simply a guide to help them with the grant and in return enjoy the beauty they create. I visit Blowing Rock as often as our schedule allows. I hope you’ll visit too. 

More about The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum and their mission statement.

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  1. Jan says:

    I always like it when you post about Blowing Rock, my favorite place on the entire Eastern seaboard. The museum sounds like a great addition to a lovely town.

    Always Growing
    And you are suppose to let me know when you head this way! Let’s go see the hydrangeas. I want to stay at Westglow.

    Lowell and Ineke took me up to this grand mansion and showed me around. I may just ask MrD to take me there for Valentine’s Day. I am nuts about a place with a good spa. The spa is ranked among the best in the world. I had a facial once at a 5 star spa and completely lost my awareness that stress existed. I would get a good massage once a week if money were no option. I will convince MrD that he needs the break. Westglow is the result of Elliott Daingerfield’s success as an artist. He first lived in the little Edgewood Cottage. When fame came his way, he built Westglow. It is named Westglow because the evening sun sets over the Appalachians and paints the front with a warm glow. Lowell and Ineke took me there just as the sun was setting and I will never forget it.

    The home is still in the family. It is such a restful atmosphere. Lowell and Ineke took me inside and introduced me to the Greek Revival elegance. The home was restored to perfection. Ineke showed me the details and pointed out that the new rugs had been made with great detail and attention given to match the original. If my memory serves me correctly, threads from the original carpet were sent to the restorers so that match could be made. Maybe the gracious family will check in here and give us more details. Or…better yet…I’ll go back and get more information myself.

    I also remember pictures on the wall of the Clintons and Obama families who had stayed there. I need to get my facts straight on the story behind the photos. Details like that speak volumes about the resort. It doesn’t surprise me that it is of presidential desire. Quality is noticed from the floor to the ceiling. I have pictures that I’ll share tomorrow. For now–go take a look at the website. Westglow in Blowing Rock, NC.

    Jan I know you’ve read this article but for those who are reading this for the first time here is my meeting with Lowell and Ineke. It explains why I love Blowing Rock so dearly.

    I just learned how to do links more easily. It sure is lot easier.


  2. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, you are so generous with your time, you have my admiration. I am sure that you will inspire the group to do more work than they expected and achieve even greater things.

    Good luck with the project and best wishes Sylvia (England)
    Don’t you find that most people are visual? Maybe they can truly realize how great this project is and be encouraged. Sometimes when you are in thick of things you can only see muddy waters. I find that enthusiasm is addictive. I’m a dreamer too as you well know. These groups have already accomplished so much. The town looks good all year round.

    Thank you for the kind comment.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    It looks like it will be so good. I am involved with a lot of Community work Anna and so admire people like these who have a vision and the energy and love to make it happen. I hope you all suceed.
    Thank you Phillip and I hope we do too. I’m only involved because I love visiting Blowing Rock. I’m doing a few sketch ups for them. They’ve done all the work and I’m just a tourist who knows like you do—how much work was and is involved with such a project.

    When Blowing Rock succeeds, it benefits all the towns in NC. We depend on tourism quite a bit. Our town is right off a major interstate and a stop off point for those traveling to Blowing Rock. If we are hospitable, then they will return and bring friends;)

    I’m glad you are following along. I look forward to seeing your suggestions for the hummingbird garden. Excellent idea.


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